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just a group of corrados down south away from all the shows :(

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Where is everyone?? well I've just added some photos of my rebuild so lets bring it back to life :-)
  3. Is this group still alive, or dead?
  4. Hi all new to this site but had my G60 for about 12 years, currently stripping the Corrado so that she can be rebuilt anyone else living around the Aldershot/Guildford area and fancy getting their hands dirty please feel free to give us a shout :)
  5. hi all, from wadebridge here, proper! wheres everyone at these days then?
  6. Right so my thinking is that corrados in the home counties are few and far between. How about a meet in the summer? If everyone replies with the nearest big town to them we can arange somewhere in the midst of us all, a good idea or am I being weired? Gary
  7. You should post that on the Forum Abyshua just incase u havnt, you will get more answers :)
  8. Hello , i've got problem with my corrado g60:when engine is cold everything is fine(starts very good,idles correctly etc.).when engine get top warming and i stop it . I leave the car with engine off for 10 min.and when i started again ,engine start for 1-2 seconds and off....now will not start till i press the pedal(open throttle)let the air get in and will start normal.if i turn engine off and i start again straight on it's fine.(i think it's that time with engine off 10-15 min.somethink). I replaced the :isv and blue coolant sensor!!! Thanks...
  9. LMAO thanks for clearing that up for me Dubs, now can sleep @ night again :)
  10. Hell's yeh!! And does doesn't have one so no! :D
  11. Do'es Newport/Bristol count & have i put the commer in the right place of Do'es?
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