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  1. Someone has stuck early red badges on it
  2. All good mate, my rado is still a work in progress! What happen with that neighbor of yours in the end?
  3. spen


    great find mate, I've been looking lately for something in mine, was looking for an original Sony unit that was period correct, I know these were in the early rado's too and look a lot better in the dash than the Sony did. I went down the Alpine route in the other rado which has a green display but has the USB connection in the cubby hole on a lead, I don't have VDO gauges so all good! This looks great but 4 long-un's is a bit steep.....nothing that's good is cheap for a rado!
  4. spen

    Bmc-cda 85-150

    No difference as far as i'm aware mate, think i got mine from Venom motorsport, think i may have a OEM air box lying around if you still need one bud?
  5. The photo problem is actually driving people to FB ( no pun intended )
  6. PM me your address payment done via paypal
  7. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?96658-Auto-selector-strip-reproduction&highlight=auto+strip
  8. If you need another plastic diffuser strip i have some, my ex-girlfriend had an auto few years ago, I got the strip with P,D,N etc reprinted because her's was cracked/broken. Cost a fortune! sold a few on here couple of years ago, guys were pleased with them as far aware, thread on here somewhere......
  9. I commend anyone trying to get these re-manufacturer, great work people, we may get there in the end!
  10. I know! I couldn't @@@@@@@ believe it!
  11. No, I've got a BMC CDA great noise imo
  12. Lovely colour that Neil, great wheels too!
  13. Yeah mine was in dire need of a head refurb according to Vince, it was more or less a barn/driveway find, so was in a poor state. Vince said one of the best he'd seen so going by that forced induction for bigger figures
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