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  1. @ delphinis38 Post # 18 : Giles, you will be sorry to see this go... with all the time you’ve spent on it... I can understand you must have a bit of a project with the new house and family Good Morning delphinis [and by association, Giles also], That's a "really nice, considerate & supportive" contribution to this 'open season' Thread : I've always enjoyed [and benefitted from] your contributions to the Forum's Theads, as well as being very respectful that you've got (in my eyes) one of the most precious VR6's in the country, and that you keep it well maintained whilst it sits 'warm & cosy' in your garage. We've not met or spoken previously, but "in the spirit of what I believe this great Forum 'stands for', then in AC-DC terms : I salute You..." : you've got my morning off to a cracking, heart-warming start with that, Ta. "Nice One, delphinis..."
  2. re Geeba @ Post #15 : Yeah I'm kinda testing the water on offers really - I'd rather keep it but since a pretty big change in personal life I'm really struggling for time. I think theres close to 3.5K in the engine alone... everything has been bought new, from bearings to a new engine loom - I even bought an electro plating kit to replate all the zinc pasivated parts and every part was the best available from Hella rad to R32 bushes and 312 Brembo Disks. its a 2 owner car and every part is there and unmolested. I've even got replacement seat foams! :) I remember even matching the cam cover paint as close as I could to the original ! Good Evening Geeba, PM just sent. Robert ps: to OP Davec27 : I'm in no wishing to gatecrash the Party here, but [having read it through a couple of times] it strikes Me that your Thread has become somewhat 'open season', so I thought it 'fair game' to join the Party here.. in doing so, I hope I haven't 'stepped outta line' ?? If I have, I apologise.
  3. Good Evening Jon, Can I take one of the two pairs of Jim's remade cluster covers, please ? If you can PM me your PayPal details I'll include my postal address in my PayPal payment by return. Regards & Thanks, Robert
  4. Hello Jon, I'll take the ABS ECU, please, PM sent
  5. Hello mooG60, As regards Simeon's helpful mention about KW V1's, I coincidentally received an email this morning from Awesome advertising "big savings" on the KW range... they're doing KW V1's for Corrado's at £684, down from £784 [ie, some 13% off] from today until 31st May https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/kw/kw-variant-1-coilovers-volkswagen-corrado-53i/ NB: the listing doesn't specify if that's G60-specific or VR6-specific, just "Corrado 53i" [so I'm guessing that's the price for both variants ?? ] On looking around at other currently comparable online prices : £681 at Larkspeed https://larkspeed.com/shopper/i/V10280005/VW-Corrado-53i-KW-Coilovers-Variant-1-Inox £690 at europerformance https://www.europerformance.co.uk/pages/products/product_info.mhtml?product=251088;car=vwcorrado Hope this helps with your deliberations.
  6. Hi Olly, PM rec'd, payment sent and PM replied to with address details. Regards, Thanks & Appreciation.
  7. Good Evening Funkster, Could I take 4 rollers, please ?
  8. Hello John, Yep, it can be really infuriating... have a look at this thread, particularly Posts # 4, 5 & 6... it's worked recently for some of us : http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?108082-Issues-staying-logged-in and hopefully it can for you too
  9. Hello Kristian, I got an OEM one from VW Parts International back in January 2017 : https://vwpartsinternational.com/shop/electrical-engine-parts/vw-golf-mk3-vr6-aaa-engine-breather-pcv-valve-diaphragm-021133429a-genuine-oem-vw/ It shows in that listing as an AAA 2.8 VR6 engine part, but it's definitely right for an 2.9 ABV VR6 too ** - it's been happily on my car for 18 months. Currently showing as out of stock but they're a friendly bunch and may well get one in for you. I forget the owner's name but he's a VW man through-and-through, and knows his stuff. The price is still the same too at £49.50, and P&P was £3.95 [which, if I recall correctly, was for 24 hours tracked]. Hope this helps ** ps: this is their corresponding eBay listing, which confirms its compatibility as fitting Corrado 2.9 VR6's : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-MK3-VR6-AAA-Engine-Breather-PCV-Valve-Diaphragm-021133429A-Genuine-VW-/151074531815?nordt=true&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l10137
  10. Afternoon Gents, Yeah, I've had the same experience as you all over the last few weeks / months, and it was infuriating so I share your pain... I solved it by ticking the Remember Me checkbox just below the password input box on the log in screen and it's been fine ever since, no random logging out at all and when one logs out you still gets the usual 'all cookies cleared' message in the centre of the screen. I aways / only ever use Firefox for the Forum. Hope this helps.
  11. Sat 09-Dec-17 21:37 Good Evening chez, I'll take this, please. I'm pretty local to Cheshire, and I'll contact you by phone about fixing up a cash on collection arrangement. Regards & Thanks
  12. I just wanted to pass on this Black Friday [genuine] opportunity for a hefty discount at Powerbulbs on bulbs like Osram Nightbreaker Laser and Philips Racing Vision... ... for example, a pair of H4 Nightbreaker Lasers are reduced from £21.49 to £16.12 ie, a genuine £5.37 / 25% off using the voucher code BLACK FRIDAY One doesn't need to open a Powerbulbs account, and the price is inclusive of Royal Mail postage on 48 hour trackable, where I've always had a positive experience with their safe packing and their efficient & effective email communications both in confirming the order and also the despatch details & tracking information. Hope this helps with the dark afternoons !
  13. Thurs 02-Nov-17 17:28 Hello Troy, I'll take a Driver's side and Passenger's side, please. UK mainland postage. Can you let me know the P&P, and your payment details ? Regards & Thanks
  14. Lovely, Ta. Replied & payment sent.
  15. Yes I'll take this please, Diarmaid. Could you PM the payment details, please ? Many Thanks
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