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  1. Payment sent many thanks Grum21 ( graham Rogers )
  2. I'm stil want one, vr6 no emblem please Thanks
  3. Is the exhaust the bar or hanger type?? What's the bore of pipe work?
  4. Grum21

    g60 decat

    Is the decat still available?
  5. What would u want for full exhaust system? Is it bar or hanger type?
  6. Grum21

    G60 down pipe

    Thanks for the advice Have ordered a new down pipe as I noticed there seemed be a lot movement on old one, I no there wil be some movement due to flex pipe piece but felt there was to much so wil fit that see if helps then wil test got cracks in manifold. Thanks again
  7. Grum21

    G60 down pipe

    Any body got any advice????
  8. Grum21

    G60 down pipe

    Hi am after some advice, the exhaust on my corrado g60 sounds really loud, badly loud!! I fort it was the exhaust system even though it has 3 boxes in the system!! So fort I would buy another system to try, I got a magnex cat back system but it sounds no different!! Could it be the down pipe? How's best way to check? And where's best place to get replacement down pipe? I've googled down pipes but not getting a clear answers or a correct replacement, My corrado is a '92 model g60 Thanks
  9. Hi r u still breaking car?? Do u still have exhaust?
  10. What's this exhaust sound like? Is it very loud? Have a scoipion one on mine and it's loud and drones when holding consent speed which makes your ears ring.
  11. what is this hanger thats being metioned?? i brought a 2nd hand exhaust awhile ago and never got any hanger???
  12. I've tried rocking exhaust to check if hits against anythink but doesn't, I wil have go checking engine mounts at weekend to see how engine moves aswel as checking heat sheild Thanks for replies
  13. I've checked and exhaust isn't hitting anythink under the car, not sure if manifold is touching anythink
  14. Hi I need some help to work out this fault My exhaust sounds really loud and have checked under car and it's not touching anythink, Also noticed under hard accelation there's a vibration from front end that seems travel though car!! Could it be engine mounts? If so how's easiest way to check Or is it possible the manifold is sitting against somethink that carnt see fron under car!!
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