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  1. dickie

    DDI gauges

    I think I have a set
  2. Hi, what condition is the swg panel? If good I'll take it please.
  3. Sold a vr6 vsr intake manifold as never thought I'd have another vr6, couple of months later a vr6 corrado too good not to buy came up.
  4. A long shot I know but better condition the better, cash waiting
  5. There seems to be a few of us in Northampton and there's a regular vw meet on Sunday evenings at riverside retail park just starting back up.
  6. I'll take it please. Come and collect during next week?
  7. They were km/h unfortunately :-(
  8. Is that for full kit, thought it was just the lcd display
  9. Hi I'm looking for the faces produced by dub design industries in anyone has any they aren't using, new or 2nd hand. Thanks
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