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  1. Howdy folks, got one surplus one of these so will offer it up here first. Description below as per VW's info: RRP: £184.60 including VAT Fitting time: 30 time units Fitted Price: £206.20 including VAT Key features: Lane departure warning Forward collision warning Vehicle in-front movement warning Remains active when the driver is absent from the vehicle Built-in impact sensor (G-sensor) One touch incident record button SD Card is included Playback via PC / Mac Camera specification: Super high-definition quality recording (2304 x 1290) Advanced parking mode 4M pixel camera HDR technology ensures clear natural recordings Wide angled lens For spare parts and additional items, call the Kenwood Technical Helpline on 01728 746100. Part number: ZGB000035410 Full HD video recording is available in a compact design to document any occurrence or disturbance you may come across while driving your vehicle. With HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, it can record video at dark and bright locations, without underexposing or overexposing the image. A gyro sensor will automatically detect when there is an event and separate a portion of memory on the SD card for viewing. Additional safety and warning features will detect and alert you of a possible forward collision or as lane departure begins to occur. The camera is stylish, compact and thanks to the satin finish offers an authentic OE feel. Left over after a bulk order so available at cost price, £135 posted inc VAT! Sadly only one available. Many thanks.
  2. Please PM me your registration for your T5 and i'll have a look. Thanks. To be honest the postage would probably outweigh the savings! Happy to do it but would probably be easier all round to go to your local VW with the part numbers. Thanks, Dave
  3. May be interested in the gearbox, any pictures?
  4. Last I checked you could only get one side of the early, and 400 euros is quite frankly absurd for a pressed metal piece, especially when the RRP for most wings these days (current models, VW RRP) is between £148 and £180 odd. I'm aware of economies of scale etc, but that's nearly as much as I bought my G60 for. £200 for a good quality reproduction would be the sweet spot, IMO.
  5. That rear bearing change looks very interesting! Don't suppose theres a list of part numbers anywhere?
  6. May have been me, Oli! Make sure you pay a visit to Pinochios in Adenau, brilliant food, and good prices. Have fun!
  7. Thursdave

    9a 16v

    May be interested in the long block only. Any idea on mileage?
  8. I can supply the genuine VW kit for £39 plus postage.
  9. up to chassis 50-M-027000 Left 443615123F(X) Right 443615124F(X) After chassis 50-M-027001 Left 357615123B(X) Right 357615124B(X) Exactly the same on G60's and VR6's, also used on similar age Golf, Jetta's and Passats. So fairly common, should be able to get from any decent parts supplier like ECP or GSF.
  10. I'm with lynbrook insurance, no agreed value for me (yet) but I know it's an option. UK and EU breakdown cover, spares cover in the garage, plus option to have them pay you labour to repair the car yourself should something happen. Very happy with them so far. http://www.lynbrookins.co.uk/
  11. I may have a complete 9A lined up if the one from veedubbed doesn't come through. Forged internals sounds nice but my wallet is already cowering in fear! Would a 9A block / KR head work alright with the G60 / 16vG60 conversion?
  12. What engine is it? if its a 9a and in good condition I'd be interested.
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