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  1. if that is pin 16 on the G60 ecu connector then that wire is not used, unless you have aircon.
  2. I did see that thanks, I managed to refurb the trims today, just got to take out the old tape and clean the channels they sit in before fitting them back in before saying how successful it went,. but so far so good.
  3. Thats why I hardly ever display my Corrado or even post pics of it here as there is always some kind of "armchair mechanic" thats going to piss over some detail of it. But you've done a really top notch job with yours Graham 👌
  4. Thanks, I was kind of thinking thats what I would end up doing, as you say its only slightly wider, going to have a bash at refurbing those trims over the next couple of days.
  5. Hoping someone who has done this will chime in, I'm looking for some advice on the DIY roof trim refurb, I’ve seen the youtube vid and got both of the rubber seals plus 3m tape, but what I need to know is how do you cut the outer rubber trim nice and straight over the length of the roof trim to match the end caps? can’t see cutting it freehand will look good. Thanks
  6. Yes I heard those late one at the bottom were on very late cars here in the UK but also heard they were fitted on the VR6 cars that were exported to colder climates. I use the later blocked off grill in the winter to get the engine temp up quicker.
  7. I can confirm that both late and early grills will inter change on a early body G60. The tabs are in different position between the two styles and the late have extra ones but all the slots are still there on the slam panel to accommodate both types and I see no reason why the late body slam panel should also have the extra slots . Also had a look at my stash of grills and there are at least 3 styles of grill as follows Top Early 7 slat grill 535 853 653 Mid Late 4 slat grill 535 853 653 A which has open slates Bottom Late 4 slat grill 535 853 653 B which has the top 3 slats closed off.
  8. I had a similar issue a few years ago from a private seller on German eBay who claimed to have sent the item but never turned up, got my money back through PayPal, but the thing was he relisted the item, tbh I also do find private sellers on German eBay a bit reluctant to sell to us Brits, I think it maybe to do with the German tax laws with eBay sales and the high fees private sellers have to pay if using PayPal. Agree with you there about Belgium and Netherlands for rare VW parts, my favourite is France and it pays to have a contact there. For G60 stuff, a good starting point if you can speak some French or at a pinch use google translate is to become a member of http://techniqueg60.com/
  9. With regards to the clonk noise have you checked your front roll bar ? I had a past issue with a broken drop link which caused the same knocking / clonking symptoms as your having.
  10. Congratulations on the MOT pass, you must be relieved that's out the way now 👍
  11. That interior Looks nice with those well executed dash mods, fingers crossed for the MOT pass
  12. Think you maybe right Keyo as I seem to remember the rotary heater control panel is higher in the late body cars so the cubby hole Hight is reduced.. or am I imagining that ?
  13. Parts needed…. Fisher C box for Corrado VDO 52mm gauges of your choice (mine were oil ones from an Audi 80.. I think) Aluminium or steel thin plate size 111mm x 77mm x 1.2mm 1mm Perspex acrylic sheet A steady hand, good vision and balls of steel. ---------------------------------------- First off strip out the Fisher C box so your left with just the outer framework and front facia ------------------------------------------- Now with your balls of steel cut just below the steel facia of your VDO gauges with a Dremel or similar tool, see pic with the arrow of where to cut ------------------------------------------------------------- Then with good eyesight CAREFULLY square off the plastic in the VDO gauge, there is a convenient ridge inside the gauge to square off to. ---------------------------------------------------- Then with a fork slide it under the needle and pull upwards but be careful and don’t lose the needle. Sorry no pic for this. --------------------------------------------------- Next place the original gauge faces on a piece of paper and scan them to your PC or Mac and use the resulting file as a guide to making the twin gauge face artwork which should be 111mm x 77mm to fit in the Fisher C box. ------------------------------------------------ Print yourself or get a graphic company to print your artwork on white signmakers vinyl and attach it to the Aluminium sheet 111mm x 77mm, (I did two in case of a cockup) Carefully drill the holes for the four screws and the two needles and if your drilling is accurate then the VDO gauges should line up and will mount perfectly, a steady hand and good eyesight is needed to put the needles back. --------------------------------------------------- Last of all get your 1mm thick perpex acrylic to make the window for the gauge housing as per photo Then just assemble all back together, a glue gun is useful for fixing the front screen and possibly fixing the facia to the framework, then your ready to install in the corrado. Job done 😎
  14. No worries Dox, but I get what you mean about panic gauges on a road car but in my case it fills a hole with something useful instead of loose change and other assorted crap.. lol
  15. Yes Mate, the Fisher C box. Take it you mean the G60 throttle body with a grafted on tps ? the photos for that disappeared during a forum update ☹️ Thanks, Actually it went a lot easier than expected. These will be staying with the car or they get sold with the car but not planning on selling car anytime soon. Yes I could have bought a set for £700 but these cost me next to nothing, the basis for these was the Fisher C cassette box which was already in the Corrado, the VDO oil gauges I had already from my old Mk2 golf which was written off and the printed gauge panel was designed and produced by myself. I will do a write up on how I did these later today.
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