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  1. It's only the front r32 bushes that are solid iirc How rough are the roads there?? How low is the car and how stiff is the suspension?
  2. I know it's a mk3 but it's basically same running gear Hi I've taken the vr off the road but I went to start it other week and it failed to start It had been stood for a few weeks Thought it was fuel so with fresh fuel no joy There is only spark on first turn of key just once The fuel pump relay isn't clicking on there is no power going to it, I have tested the relay and it is working I've also put direct power to the pump still no joy Fitted a new crank sensor still no joy There is power to the coil pack The throttle body dose buzz with ignition on I have a new if ion switch to fit in the next few days Any help would be appreciated Zak
  3. Whilst you got it off can you take some pics of the area near the solenoid and the cam sprockets please?
  4. Id be asking the mot station to not leave the engine running too long as after an engine rebuild Too much idling can glaze the cylinder bores
  5. That's what I was referring too Sorry I should of said Would like to see before I take it off road end of October
  6. I will need to check but I've got loads on with summer holidays and the issue with one of the kits so I'd want to get Sean sorted first if that's alright
  7. Saw a red H reg corrado on the a5 last night And another dark coloured one somewhere else I forgot where now as I type
  8. Only the fuel bill lol Seems like the standard stuff in good condition stands 350bhp turbo vr cars
  9. I don't think you need to replace the plugs they will clean up now you got closed loop back
  10. Black C near greens norton a5 looked good and low
  11. been to stealth today and we finally got rid of the sai and egr faults off the sharan vr6 ecu which was running a 24v aue motor so no faults and got closed loop again Then I suggested to use the chip on the original ecu on my car and that also worked without any faults So if anyone is wanting to go down the same route as me then stealth has got the right stuff My mpg has gone up and it's got a little more poke with the little ignition advance I asked for Happy days
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