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  1. Afternoon, I am currently looking for the full heated seat wiring loom for a late corrado please. Not in need of the dash switches, but will take them if needed. willing to pay good money not silly ebay prices please Thanks
  2. Interested in the anti role bars, wheels, and strut brace if I could have prices please
  3. Great, can i take the dirty one as either would need painting for me. Would need them posted as i am way down south unfortunately Ill pm you
  4. Hi, The wiring and connector to my dizzy on my 2.0 16v (L reg) Corrado is damaged. Does anyone have this connector with a piece of loom that i can buy, so i can splice and fix this on my car please Many thanks Mark
  5. I have just got some NGK BKUR7ET off of ebay for £13.81 Heard some bad things about Bosch plugs recently and people recommending the NGK plugs and for only a couple of quid more than the bosch ones for me it was a no brainer
  6. Have you any left? Can i take 6 please?
  7. Hi, My drivers door window glass is badly scratched, so has anyone around J8 M25 and Gatwick got a spare thats major scratch free? Cheers
  8. Heard a lot of good things about lepsons and if they are good enough for Kelly at KDS keltec then they are good enough for me. But it depends on what you want doing and what wheels you have. I send some of my wheels to scotland to Mike the polisher because its what he specialises in. I tried a local company to me in Crawley (wheel works) and they weren't great, won't be using them again in a hurry, will rather travel to kent to get lepsons to do simple refurbs from now on.
  9. Cheers, they had stopped doing them recently, but now appear to be back Thanks Anyone out there with a OEM one before i purchase one of those?
  10. Hi, I am after the heated seat loom for a late spec car I have the switchs and heated electric seat (if that makes any difference) so just need the loom to connect it all together and to the fuse box Many thanks Mark
  11. Thought i had put myself down for a set. So registering my interest now. Any ideas when they will be finalised?
  12. Dox, I will take both of them, will pm you now
  13. Dox, that will be great. How much are you after posted? Anyone got another one by chance?
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