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  1. lol @ supercharged! after several parts are lying in my garage due to no interest i just want rid of it - 50quid is fair i reckon for a painless removal
  2. got a quote of 50 quid to come and crane it off the drive - so probably go with that option... although cutting it up would be a laugh!
  3. I've a bare shell at present that I'm wanting to get rid of. It doesn't have any subframe/beam assembly and therefore no wheels. Due to this most scrappers in my area have indicated they won't collect it due to the difficulty of loading it onto a truck, or indeed the damage the metal contact has. My options as things currently stand are - 1) Pay to have it 'grabbed' and removed, 2) Put subframe/etc, beam and wheels back on or 3) Cut the damn thing up. Has anyone got any other ideas - or even better, any contacts/know companies who can help in the Uxbridge/West London area? Thanks in advance
  4. so after stripping it for everything its worth, you'd like someone to bring it back to life at their cost? ;)
  5. tough over there without aircon - could you imagine 35+ degrees in a non aircon car...
  6. I heard recently (third hand info) that the EOS was the pick of the bunch - less features in the management to overcome. Also more of a comfort car than a drivers car - so less of a hard life from new
  7. Will be interesting to see how it comes out! Good price. Where is it being done (feel free to PM me)?
  8. *enjoys sunshine and blue skies in Melbourne* ;)
  9. sounds a better route - all new parts then. Supercharged - do you have a part no for the passat pedal - or the year of a passat you should get the pedal from? Cheers
  10. Ben do you mind if i ask what inlet and cams are being used for this? Also are those alloy pullies driveside?
  11. looks very interesting Dave - I'll give you a call when back from holiday in Nov about it :)
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