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  1. Thanks annavr6 and VW Heritage for my set. Arrived a while back and they fit great. Look great as well. Something along the same lines for the fog assembly next would be the icing on the cake!
  2. Hi Folks, More time has moved on and curious of any updates regarding these babies. Still in for a set or two. Thanks:bonk:
  3. Good Morning Mate, If you can post to (Upstate) N.Y. USA 13140, I'd love to take a few items off your hands. I'll check later, off to work. Thanks very much.:bonk:
  4. Ditto on previous response. I would very much like to aquire a set as soon as they become available. I'm not so concerned about price. For what they protect, they'll be well worth it! The headlamps, fogs and blinkers are an investment and extremely rare in this day and age. Thanks:thumbleft:
  5. Man,I've been waiting or these forever. Now as an American owner I aquired a new set of ECodes. I've been so afraid to install them in fear of damage. You can't just go buy another! Could you please give me details on how to buy a set. Thank You By the way "Renewart" on Facebook makes super nice fog and blinker protecters with suction cup mount. Very slick. Also makes all the different and obsolete badges for the car. Custom colors as well.
  6. Hi Everyone, Hate to burst bubbles but VW Classics has just released both left and right roof rails for 300.00 Euros a pair less shipping. The 201.00 pound bid is cheap at the moment. :dance:
  7. Back again Check this out as well, This site is worth browsing, many cool items- http://www.autobahnautoworx.com/product/cult-society-g60-bumper-ducts
  8. You might llike to check this-http://www.ebay.de/itm/VW-Corrado-cult-society-RS-air-intakes-/162645505633 A little pricey but nice stuff.
  9. Hi all, Man I've been looking for these for years. Missing one on my SLC. Not a high visible item but for all who want their car complete its a must. Put me in for a pair even if someone else fabricates them. Made from a close cell high density foam. If the shape wasn't so irregular, I'd try to cut my own. I'm certainly in. Thanks:cheers :
  10. If this buy materializes, count me in for headlamps protectors. Fog, blinker covers if made available would obtain as well. This is a great idea and between US and Euro markets, this product(s) will sell like hotcakes. I'd be glad to spread info everywhere and anywhere I can. New parts or replacement for any Corrado front lighting is all but gone. To preserve our precious parts this is a necessity and not just a custom look. My fingers are crossed. Thank You
  11. Hi to all, I'm a Yank that just joined this wonderful forum. I saw this buy and had to get in. Matt immediately got back to me with very fair price and shipping. To my door, $51.00US dollars. Let me tell you lads that this is a better than OEM switch and without the heat problems. Be it known, the leds in switch are brighter than OEM incandescent bulbs but I think it looks kool. If I sound like a salesman, I'm not. Just want to reassure everyone that this is the real deal and a quality product. Thanks Matt Very Best, Jim
  12. Good Morning from across the pond. I had no idea how many great buys this forum has had. Are these badges still available? I'd love one of each posted to Upstate NY USA if possible. I'm going to start living on this site. LOL Many Thanks Jim
  13. Hi to all, My name is Jim and I am the original owner of a 1993 Black SLC with 75000 miles on it. Bought in Aug 1994 off dealer lot. The last one available in my area. I'm in the process of refurbishing and minor custom work to my baby. It was nice before but will be almost new looking when done. I'd like to do a respray and freshen paint before all new seals, lights, trim pieces and to many things to mention go on it. Hopefully by fall it will be finished. You Brits have so many more of these great cars to play with and figure out. Some of my best info is out of England. You guys know the cars!! It has certainly helped me. I hope to make friends. Very Best, Jim
  14. Good Morning All, Had new windsheild installed and they wrecked my 3 pcs. trim cowls. Besides damage to trim they broke about 8 of 10 mount clips (part535853832A). I was extremely fortunate to buy new OEM trim.(NLA) Can someone please sell me the clips 535853832A if they have extras. Could use 10 if available. Will take any as well. Thank You Very Best, jim :scratch:
  15. Good Morning, I'm new to the forum as member and have enjoyed countless info and history over the years. I'm the original owner of 93 SLC. Could you please quote me price for switch and shipping to 13140 USA. Thank You This forum and individuals like yourself are invaluable to the yet fully appreciated greatness of this car.
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