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  1. oh dear on that door - I believe the part number for the panel you would want is 535809839A https://www.lllparts.co.uk/product/volkswagen-535809427-side-panel-inner/mpn/535809427 item 10 on the picture within the link. It looks like it can still be bought from some outlets https://www.shopdap.com/535809839a-vw-audi.html
  2. Great win James and must be satisfying to get this far with all the challenges you've faced.
  3. Nothing to worry about on the rust - it is just surface rust where the factory stonechip has been damaged over the years, likely by 4 post lift attachments. Easily DIY fixable by - 1) wire wheel rusty bit back to bare metal. Get as much af the surface rust off as possible. 2) apply some rust converter to neutralise the bits you can't get rid of with the wire wheel - Hydrate80 or Krust - you might have something different in Norway. It's a blue liquid that turns black. 3) Apply a zinc or epoxy based primer to area worked on. 2 coats is enough 4) Use a product like Gravitex or similar to brush on stonechip paint. This is thicker stuff similar to what was used from the factory. You can leave it there or apply some body colour paint on top. As for the lower engine picture the rust you see on the control arms and subframe is also superficial. You can drop the subframe and wishbones and get them sandblasted and powdercoated for a clean finish or you can just spray on a product like Lanoguard to stop it from getting any worse. Powdercoating does look nice but everything on cars rots inside out so all you're doing is making something look pretty for your mechanic. That said I have carried out powdercoating on my cars because i liked the clean look and work on them myself. Edit to add - whilst talking rust protection - do consider using cavity spray wax on all cavites and box sections to protect the car from rusting inside out.
  4. Good luck with bringing it back and keep us posted with progress. Sent from my SM-G990B2 using Tapatalk
  5. How do the rear seats fair compared to the Corrado for kids? I've always liked the mk1 TT. I'm 5ft10 so not going to have the front seat reclined that far. Could you do say a school run with 2 kids (one in the front and one behind?). Struggling to find a corrado replacement with 4 seats, 6 cyl engine, manual, coupe-esque. 996 of course, another corrado or ..
  6. Very nice and red and grey combo goes lovely. How is the Storm? Sent from my SM-G990B2 using Tapatalk
  7. Cheers Shaun. It was very easy in the end - I had psyced myself up for months of waiting as that seems to be the way with what you see on ebay etc. Classix don't even advertise in those places so I was a bit aprehensive that a buyer might not even find the car. I'm keeping my mk2 now so still have that to keep me ticking over. The Corrado doubt set in after Silverstone last year - I was showing the Corrado on the club stand but there was an oak green mk2 16v in the general paddock area and it just stood out to me more than any other car there. I think what I need to do is just get something else newer and have 1 old VW to keep the balance overall. It wasn't fun at times to have 3 old cars that I was working on and unable to achieve the results I wanted for all of them becuase of time and money. I do hanker for a mk4 R32 but it would need to be done - chains, great history and body, c70-80ish and something I can i just service and use. I work from home and have no need for a daily car (have the family car for that and a small run around for parking in places like stations/tesco) and feel it is possibly my last chance to have a big 6 cyl engine in a small car as a semi daily car that I can be enthusiastic over too. I definitely don't want a project where i have to do body, paint, close to 5 figure bills for for refresh work at Stealth etc. Otherwise it's probably going to be a Golf GTI clubsport / performance pack but 4cyl turbo is where I will likely end up after a R32 so feels that feels like it is now or never and doubt i'd loose money on it if i buy right in the first place.
  8. Pmd ya on fb :) Good PH thread nice ideas. I've got to sell a load of stuff now, not as much as you but a task in itself. Sent from my SM-G990B2 using Tapatalk
  9. Cheers Fla and I enjoy helping anyone where I can so will stick around :) I'm going to let the dust settle on cars. I accumulated the mk2 and mk3 16vs plus 2 daily cars. I think I'd like to start afresh and keep 1 old vw, probably the mk2. I did sell that on ebay but the guy I assume was trying to sell his own car or something as he never came to pick it up. I paid his deposit back and I'm still getting messages through other ebay listings and text messages from people who notice the v5 hasn't changed hands and wonder if it is still for sale. The nice things about the mk2 is its all original paint and its a nice metallic colour. It seems to have a strong market too. The arches have been rolled and cut so I need to get them repaired plus a scab on the scuttle but as the car is original paint I won't get it repainted and will live with the odd imperfection (i dont want to make something so perfect i wont use it). I also have all the trims etc but not the original engine. Its a 16v with kjet but the block is a 2.0. Mk3 I'll probably sell, that's equally as good as the corrado was with everything refreshed. I've been looking at mk7 clubsports as a daily / enthusiast car. I need something I can get the kids in and also balancing out life where I'm not having to work on cars every day. Sent from my SM-G990B2 using Tapatalk
  10. Hi all, Thanks for the support and kind words over the years with Corrados. As some will know it was time for me to move on and I drove my Corrado up to Classix auction group last Saturday. I had expected to wait ages to sell as that seems to be the way with Corrados but the car sold today to the first viewer for a price I was happy with and a lot more than I would have been able to do alone as I am a crap sales person! The process with Classix was excellent. Noel is an enthusiast himself and has a wealth of experience selling classic cars. They sold a Storm recently which is where I first came across them. They do send the cars to auction but also offer them up for sale before hand and that was how mine was sold. If you're anything like me where you don't want to sell yourself or deal with test drives and worry of what might happen with test pilots then give Classix a go. I will miss the car as I had poured alot of my life and soul into making it as good as I possibly could. It does drive like a new car and the subtle mods Vince recommended at Stealth (263s, miltek, H&Rs) made it even better. I rarely used the thing as was worried about damaging it and as my kids head towards secondary school age I find I have even less time to do anything with cars. Cheers Matt Sent from my SM-G990B2 using Tapatalk
  11. That is great news and a free fix. Easy thing to happen with these cars that have had lots of work done to keep them sweet as.
  12. 40 grand!! That car was for sale end of summer last year for 30k, same pics. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  13. I see exactly what you're saying on the 4 cyl and TFSI. The mk4 (and 5) would give you decent reliable motoring and the 24v doesn't have the bore ovulation the 12vs can suffer too. Chains and whatever else in that areas is needed for maintenance but I'd probably just read the codes and chance it for a year if it's a low mileage car. Last of the big engined hatches so pretty sweet to have a last chance saloon driving around in one as a daily. There is the A3 3.2 as a cut price option but it just doesn't have the sparkle of the mk4 with those nice seats and it's bodykit. There isn't a lot around that is 6cyl and daily - 330i E92 maybe but quite a rare car to find. Manual for me is pretty important and limits my own choices. Good to hear on the rado. Same feelings here underlying these days and mines higher miles too. Someone else will pick it up and enjoy it for whatever it fetches, don't want to jinx it but what will be will be and at least it's the right sort of time to be selling. Same here on 3 FWD hatches. The mk3 is the last I'll sell and may end up keeping it as I do like have a big soft spot for it. Ahh i did see some 3 doors but LHD so that explains that.
  14. Shame the jap imports don't come in 3 door. I've just been looking myself as have always liked the mk4 and had a couple of normal ones. Not sure why i didn't buy one instead of the corrado in the first place. Probably too expensive although funny how the table turned on that one. Even though 4 door would be practical for me I'd really have think long and hard as want it to be my weekend car - love the blues, blacks and silvers (and reds). VR6 motor has always been an all time favourite for me. Also been looking at cayman 987.2 but just not practical enough with a dog and 2 kids that might want to occassionally go out in it. Gen 2 I was thinking to avoid the engine troubles of 911s in my budget. Suppose can look at 987.2 as "my" sports car and get a daily equivalent of a R32 such as a Golf R estate instead to go alongside. I do still walk into the garage and think i might regret letting the Corrado go but can always get another one one day if i felt like it - do you ever have any regrets on not seeing Black Magic anymore? It is time to move on and try new things I reckon and only 2 days to go until i drive it up to auction. I've done auction becuase I can't be bothered with punters and test drives plus if it sits with me I'll um and agh about keeping it as has happened many times before.
  15. Looks nice that and I had thought all R32s from Japan were DSG so it's refreshing to see there are manuals out there. The clocks are still in kmh but you can get them changed.
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