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  1. this forum is the friendliest forum i have ever been on. on some dj forums (but NOT the one i moderate) i get abuse ranging from "eurofag" through "cracker" all the way to threats of violence. the only time mods wade in is (hopefully) when personal details are put up in threads.
  2. true. they could build one with good headlights, wipers that work, and opening rear windows. oh and LEATHER IN ALL MODELS :lol:
  3. hehe i like it! i agree about the paint though. just do it in black / dark blue and maybe put the standard wipers back on, and lose the spoiler and big gaylord intercooler on display. oh then it would be a normal corrado with big rims. i like them!
  4. dang. twix's rule. especially that limited edition double choc one they made about 10 years back.
  5. parkers.co.uk for the seat: Franchised Dealer: £ 3710 Independent Dealer: £ 3450 Private Good: £ 3305 Private Poor: £ 2355 Part Exchange: £ 2960 Sarcastic nob on a forum: Curly Wurly and Love Hearts you should be able to fetch about 7 - 7.5k for those 2 cars!!
  6. mine wasnt fubar, just not got a good connection! corradoSVR6 picked it up on his vag-com. just replugged the wire and all has been well ever since! thanks again! at only 63k your sensor should still be good. mines done 155k and still seems ok (afaik) !
  7. i'll give you a pack of love hearts and a curly wurly for the seat ;)
  8. check the blue coolant senser the front of the engine. unplug the wire from it, make sure it is clean, then push it back on firmly. i had a similar problem on my vr6 and it was that plug not on right (after i had check most normal stuff to no avail) mine ran rough too one minute, then fine the next, with stalling problems and low tickover.
  9. thats him! mike brewer! i like him, he is very down to earth.
  10. that guy out of wheeler dealers would be better. the cockney guy! whats his name? i didnt watch pimp my ride uk. was it any good? i have watched the us one loads though. count how many times the girls say "oh my god"
  11. they should have clarkson on it then it could be "polish my jag" with that fluffy haired tit in his jeans and sports jacket, looking down his nose at anything without walnut trim. british enough?
  12. me too!!! and paul's boutique is a top album, i have 2 copies of it on vinyl only last night i was playing it on my turntables i have all but worn out the short "funky drummer" break just before "ask for janice". i have juggled it to death. the neighbours love listening to me back to backing that loop, i'm sure. almost as much as hearing me cut on "ahh" and "fresh" for 3 hours at a time . . .
  13. first give it an oil change and see if that smooths it out! failing that . . . find a good breakers and get another 'box. then, at your leisure, you could get your original 'box recon'd. or attempt to recon it yourself. good luck with that!
  14. amerikkka's most wanted was cube's best work. i recently bought gangstarr's first release (from ebay) - "movin' on". produced by mark the 45 king (before premier was in with them) - dope track! look up "dr octageanacolgist" by doctor octagon and qbert. awesome album. also grab "demolition pumpkin skweeze muzik" by qbert for the best hiphop breaks tape ever!
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