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  1. Rob Heath

    Using Coolant

    You can get the water in the header tank tested to see if the head gasket has gone. Im sure most garages would be able to do this. With the engine runnin they would stick a probe into the water to detect if the gasket is fooked
  2. I like the badge, looks like somethin that Bape would make and charge about £200 for!!
  3. Do samco do one as part of there set?? If not, id ring all the vw spealicts or try e-bay for people who might be breakin a g60
  4. Ive never heard any bad reports from them.
  5. Hi mate.....your not that far from me (probably half hour or so)...I live on the A53, but on the other side of stoke. The dizzy cap will just unplug
  6. Lookin good dude Are they new centre badges in the wheels, if so, do you know where they can be brought. Ive got the same wheels as those (good choice btw, they look stunning on a corrado's) and one of the badges has come off the centre cap, so need some new ones
  7. Damn, saw most of the programme, but must have missed the bit with the corrado in it :bad-words:
  8. Keep tryin mate, probably just a temporary glitch because the forum is workin as normal....you know what computers are like, lol!! Where abouts in leek you livin??
  9. My sisters BF is from Bishops wood wihich is near penkridge...he's big into his dubs. He's currently got a silver Bora with the reg G60 PB
  10. Im from endon, which is about 5 mins from leek Andy Jackson from A&C auto's is a very clever chap. What he doesnt know about vw's isnt really worth knowin, he's a friend of the family and have called in a few times for bits of advice and he's always happy to help Check out http://puredubcouk.invisionplus.net/, most of us are from stoke on there (sorry to the mods for a shameless plug) Heres a pic of mine, so if you see me, give me a flash (your headlights that is)....my plate is G60 RH
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