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  1. Alex & Dom Would you two keep your flirting / love thing :lol: - off line :lol:
  2. Alex, You were bored at work today !! Think the Le Mans roundabout by Houx Annexe campsite offered some of the best smoking tyres around last June. A sight not to have been missed. Did you read my article in the Sprinter?
  3. Hope you guys remember your manners when it comes to the Veyron :) Ladies first :lol:
  4. Yes, already done that !! Hence my message to see to see if anyone had any further contact details. Thanks though
  5. Does anyone have any contact details for Andy, or could they even call him and ask him to get in touch with me please regarding Le Mans trip. Cheers Wendy
  6. 911, 350Z, Z4 Oh, did someone mention 4k max, maybe not then!
  7. The fact the my drivers door, no matter how many times I have it adjusted, still drops and has to shut quite hard. Otherwise, Have to say I have a good car after a few mods of course. Still can't afford a more than one car :(
  8. Have not read any of the above yet........ Annoyingly missed last nights show, have it recorded later as really wanted to see the 350Z report. I think these are fantastic cars, superb looks.
  9. I didn't follow any of the reports, but just purchased one from Halfords - also not trusting the different garage forecourts. It cost about £8, I have had it for over a year and seems to work well.
  10. Ouch, that did not look good. Shame about the car More importantly - good to hear you are relatively Ok. Hopefully you rae not one of the ones with whiplash
  11. Dub Envy - you should have tried waving at me when i had my Scirroco, I would have waved back, then cursed, as I was despearate to own a Corrado. Now, in my Corrado, very few C owners in this area. One, in a green Storm who I see reguarly, nevers waves. However, various friends, driving shit (technical term - for anything that's not a Corrado, 911, 350Z or a few others) vehicles say i never wave. Trying to make them understand if they owned something decent, I might have spotted them !
  12. I'm paying 102p per litre, over £60 to fill the tank now and it hurts !!
  13. I had my bonnet, front grills, both wings, front and rear bumper sprayed about 2 months ago for £750. The bonnet and front grill had usual stone chips the front bumper had a slight creases. (Similar to the photo shows on yours) The rear bumper I had foolishly hit a low down post and this had creased and also a slight bump. All the damage was repaired and i have had an excellent job done and am very pleased with the result. In view of this your price sounds about right. Although I can't believe this work can all be done at this rate. It will take several hours of preparation before paint and paint costs and then baking. I would have thought if the bumper was to be removed this would add to the price - just in view of the additional labour time. All i can suggest is you ensure they know of the quality of workmanship you are expecting, then if it is not to your standard, you return it until this is achieved. Hope this helps and Good luck
  14. Dub envy - you actually made me check mine out. Mine was sold on 12/02/96!! Looks like I'm beaten - only by days though :)
  15. I have a 911 too, GT3 :D Failing that some BBS Split rims and a drivers door that dosn't keep dropping. Optimax at 50p a litre !
  16. This thread is awful. Canada is one of those places which is quite high on the list of places to visit -and soon. Just keep going Sailing, skiing and surprisingly numerous car shows and events, which no longer seem to be single days out, but weekends and longer ! Wheh! Mega envious of all those who have been, especially Dinkus - 6 months. I so should stop work, but then how to keep the car on the road and I will never have my 911 :( :) :( :D
  17. Oh boy, You guys are going to regret me finding this thread !!!!!! Corrado or men? Guess just by the fact that above I put the Corrado first, men second, says it all. ! As it happens many of my girlfriends don't understand me either, but then many of my male friends don't. Cars first, holidays second, house, shoes, clothes all follow. Men - they all think I am too in love my car to compete !! Certainly don't know when I would have the time for a relationship with all the Motorsport and cars events I have covered this year. Life is certainly easier on your own. Besides, the last chap I went out with seemed to think I had the ability to keep him to the style he wanted - at my expense. No chance and somewhat puts you off.
  18. Had respray on bonnet, all front end inc bumpers, both front wings, mirrors and rear bumper - just 'cos it was getting tatty. Looks like new again now and fabulous. All for £750 inc Vat at Banbury Bodyshop. Can highly recommend them
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