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  1. Hi - do u have any cables left? If so can I have one please Cheers Andy
  2. From the pictures - do you still have a driver's headlamp lens - late style? My car is a 1995. If so how much posted?? Cheers
  3. Does anyone have either a full drivers headlight or the lens only for a 1995 VR6?? Cheers
  4. Hi Andy I'm looking at the drivers headlight. If u could send me a picture and a price please Cheers
  5. Hi - long shot but does anyone have a candy white passenger wing mirror? Mine has been hit and broken Looking to avoid cost of having one painted if poss. Car is a 95 VR6 Cheers
  6. Well that was me! Don't see many about in my part of the world. Apologies if you waved as I didn't see you
  7. Kevin I have recently had a similar problem with my VR6. I had a local garage flush the system out only to find out I was losing coolant. Letting the car tick over parked up I had coolant spill out of the expansion tank once up to temperature. The local garage did a chemical test on the expansion tank and advised the head gasket had gone but via the manifold so no oil/water mix. I was not convinced so phoned Vince at Stealth for advice who advised me to check the cap on the expansion tank and see if the rubber ring was sitting in the groove correctly first. He said that he would check this first rather than me drive a hundred miles or so to see him and he would just do that! He was convinced it wasn't the head gasket. I was lucky and I could not believe the rubber ring in the cap was not sitting in the groove right and so was not pressurising the system correctly and boiling over. I simply popped it back and bingo problem solved!! I have not used a drop of water since and this is some 2 months ago with it being a daily driver. Not sure if this is your problem but defo worth a check as I was in a similar position to you and facing an expensive bill. If not give Vince a call at Stealth - true gent who is only willing to help
  8. Hi Dave How much for the passenger door trim and fuse box posted please?? Cheers Andy
  9. Hi Dave How much for the passenger door trim and fuse box posted please?? Cheers Andy
  10. Ok Chris I'll take them for that Can u pm etc me with ur details and i'll sort u out with paymentCheers Andy
  11. Hi Chris would you take £50 for the driver and passenger door seals and driver's lower scraper ?? Cheers Andy
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