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  1. Very very interested in these if you sell please I have leather already if you want to swap and cash your way for front seats or happy to buy whole lot let me know cheers
  2. well got the old girl back on the road!! and decided to take her to Killeraton House classic car show its a local show, and was really good lots of car there of all shapes and sizes BUT i was the ONLY Corrado!!!, BOY have i missed driving the Corrado!!! Jobs to do list though! put the BBS RS split rims on for the summer Get some new tyres and get the Speedlines refurbed repainted replace the crack pipe replace serpentine belt and tensioner service including spark plugs replace Air Mass meter repaint bonnet and wings re black the plastic trim Fit passat moonroof which i pick up tomorrow recondition the Leather
  3. Chris Langdon

    De-CAT pipe

    Hi all im after a de cat pipe for my VR6 which ones the best to go for ?? anyone got one they want to sale? any help id be most grateful cheers Chris
  4. yeah i here good things about Uniroyal Rainsports
  5. still looking for a set if anyone knows of a set for sell thanks
  6. what can I say but thanks its one of the best forums out there in my opinion so thank you and as Jim says ive made some good friends through the forum too ;) all the best
  7. yeah like wise mate ;) yeah would love a set would finish my car off a treat, keep your eyes peeled for a black leather set for me ;)
  8. Cheers Mic yeah think your right thanks for the input yeah standard speedlines yes your right the wont fit don't run 288mm at the mo and run 17s in the summer the calipers, pads are the same so it just a case of fitting the different calliper carriers and spaces i believe. thanks again cheers Langers
  9. nice mate and 265bhp to boot your have to take me out in that bad boy ;)
  10. well little update got some second hand roof trims this weekend once ive fitted them il take some photos, also got some A pillar trims without alarm sensor holes!!! good to see the Corrado is starting to get appreciated!! http://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/enthus...pCeYO#image=46 plans for mine are now to :- remove the old crack pipe, and overhaul the cooling system change the spark plugs, Paint all the calipers up (not sure on colour!!! red or R blue!!! put the 312mm front disc on get the Speedlines repainted try and find a set of black leather front recaro seats!!
  11. Don't use full synthetic mate in a VR they were never designed to run on that that oil is far to thin
  12. Sorry this is all my fault by putting the idea in Rogers head lol we saw one the other day and we got talking as two petrol heads do I just love em I love the fact that out the box they looks the business!!! I too have always fancied one, love the sound in my eyes a modern day rallye but just could never part with the Corrado!!
  13. AWESOME!!! SOOOOOOOOO need VSR in my life ;) lovely colour by the way but i would say that ;)lol love the key rings too and the EDD number plate ;)
  14. WOW thats awesome like wise that be epic if i hasnt had much work done, your have to share your tips on servicing her ;)
  15. cheers buddy thats what i thought but just wanted to double check ;) thanks
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