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  1. i reckon you've knocked the temp sensor plugs into the expansion bottle
  2. before you install that thermostat, test it in a cup, ive fitted a jank gsf one that failed,wish i tested it first lol
  3. if a car has a distributor then it has to have a coil to distribute the spark,coilpacks fitted to later cars are per cylinder, i prefer the distributor method as im old skool and parts are cheaper,with the coilpacks,only one has to fail and you've got misfiring problems, for the record my younger brother is an RAC patrolman and a ford boy to boot,its a running joke between us about volkswagens reliability and the vast amount of newer vws that have this problem,its so prevalent he keeps vw coilpacks on his recovery van lol
  4. Still getting to grips but am finding it smooth and easy so far, good job guys!
  5. well its empty in here but i thought I would reply anyway!
  6. I think this firm trade under raceland and or Vmaxx, they are meant to be ok on the golfs and C but crap on the mk4. I know the unacceptable state of expensive Koni coilovers after a couple of years at -40mm, personally I dont think these have a chance unless your C is made outta fibreglass and you(driver) go on a "the biggest loser diet" then they might exceed the warranty....
  7. sound deadening, I used a plastic straight edge and turps after pulling most off by hand,left a scratch free zone.one of the first things i removed when I got the car.
  8. When I took one out for a spin i was mightily impressed,the alfa all day long for styling but would i have one..............no... why??? because my C has character, agreed a jekyll n hyde :cuckoo: one but nonetheless thats the attraction. also for the era the C is the benchmark competing against alfa 33's (kids drawing shape car) etc. If there was a new corrado made around the same time as this alfa then this topic wouldnt have existed :notworthy:
  9. can you access under the car and try and grab the cable where its attached to the front valance,a sharp pull on that normally release the catches? easier if you can access through the front grill nr where the horns are, gd luck.
  10. thanks for reply,i'll check it tomorrow
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