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  1. Yeah, I had a quick blast on Forza 7, but just didn't seem as 4. I've loved Horizon 4. Haven't been on it as much as I'd like due to other gaming commitments, and also the family. I'd probably spend a bit more time on it if I had more people to join in game. could it be worth a Corrado Club on FH4?
  2. Looks like it's been a while since anyone was posting here, I'm guessing nobody plays Forza 4 anymore. I still have Xbox live, but on the PC. Is anyone playing Forza Horizon 4?
  3. Hi all, I've been away from the forum for a number of years now after selling my last Rado. At the time, my wife and I (now ex-wife sadly, we even met here on the forum) found we couldn't have children, so opted to adopt a dog (less expensive than kids, so more money for cars). Sadly he wasn't too keen on being in the back of a Rado, and we didn't think it'd be fair dragging him along to meets etc, and trips to the Pod. So, we sold the Rado and bought a Land Rover. I'm now with someone else, expecting our second child. The current mrs isn't into the Landy and green laning, so I've been considering getting back to the Rado scene, as she's more likely to be persuaded into joining me on that front. Having come back to the forum, I thought it would be good to find out how my last ride is doing. We sold it to a fellow enthusiast (I think he was already a member here) who had plans for it (thankfully not like the muppet/con man that bought my 1.8 16v.......also a member on here sadly), and I'd love to see how it looks now. So, if you're the current owner of the Rado in the subject title, please feel free to post some photos on this thread, I miss the car and would love to see it again, even if just a photo or two.
  4. The time has come when I regrettably have to sell my Rado due to a lack of space. Attached is the link to the eBay listing (apologies if i should post in the ebay section, just figured that as its selling my Rado......) http://bit.ly/1fwPTfs (copy and paste this to your internet search bar) Not mentioned in the listing, if we get the asking price, we'll also let you have what spare bits we have. We have the original (OE) rear lights, a couple of pieces of interior plastics (i forget which), and I think the drivers footwell carpet (black). We actually bought this Rado from GloucesterOx a couple of years ago, so has been with Forum members for some time. She's a wonderful car to drive, and I really will be sad to see her go. We have very fond memories, as she was our wedding car when we got married last year. So, I will also say this much, if you're intending to break this car, don't even enquire, I will NOT sell her to you!!
  5. Jim, not sure if it'll make a difference, but let him know Grim told you about him. Hopefully he'll quote you a reasonable price.
  6. I know I'm slightly biased 😉, but a good tyre in the dry is the Bridgestone Adrenaline RE002. Plenty of grip, plenty of stiffness to the sidewalks without sacrificing too much comfort with reasonable wear rate. I've been running a set on my Mondeo, and been really impressed. That said, I am fitting a set of our T001 soon as they're more suited to commuting.
  7. Jim, a mate of mine, Ben, has a company called Autobarnz, he's based just outside Stratford. He's got a Facebook page you should be able to find. He uses a VW transporter towing a large trailer, but he's done quite a bit if business now and seems to be doing a good job.
  8. We had a problem with ours whereby it kept getting up to and running at 112 degrees. Turned out to be the radiator fan temperature sensor. Fitted a new one, now runs nicely between 105-108 degrees (and that's a tuned 2.0 16v). The sensor isn't expensive, and is simple to fit.
  9. How much are you looking to spend? I've a nice 2.0 16v, engine has been been tuned by Stealth racing.
  10. Much admiration for my friend, she's a blind prostitute....... You gotta hand it to her
  11. Hey, I had the exact same thing happen to me a few months ago. Found GSF don't stock them, but got one off a fellow forum member. I know of a specialist VW breaker fairly locally, if you have no joy here, let me know and I'll see if I can get his number for you.
  12. I'm yet to try the Adrenaline RE002, but one of our sales guys was trying them out as a test. He said they're great in the dry, but a little skittish in the colder wet weather. He's had them on about 6-8 months and still around 5mm of tread left. He does around 30k miles a year in a new Passat. If anyone tries them on their Rado before I do, please let me know what they're like 😉, lol.
  13. Each to their own, but my experience of Conti Sport Contact 2, great in the dry and warm conditions, nice soft compound, but terrible in the wet, especially if driven fairly hard.
  14. No way, I've lived in the Stratford area for years, current one us my third. What colour is yours, I'll keep an eye out. Mines a midnight blue 16v. There's also a red Rado regular parked outside topps tiles near currys.
  15. Alright dude, lol, I didn't realise MSUK was down. Not been on there for a while. Would've been on here a bit more but tapatalk keeps playing up on me (although working fine now).
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