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  1. if anybody is interested i have a genuine ross-tech key-usb vagcom dongle interface for sale check out my for sale thread
  2. just thought i would inform peps on here of the progress of my claim via chris knot insurance via LV via highway :( well they came back after a couple of weeks and offered me by way of a cheque in the post mind of £2100 minus £250 excess so £1850 !! i called em and explained that i was not best pleased (and if you know me you will know how i may have done that ) so they asked me for adverts and proof that my car may be worth more so i sent in the relevent information got a call back 2 weeks later to say the acessor thinks the car to be worth £3000 now i then went on to explain that if i insure the car for £4000 thats for a reason cause thats how much i want it insured for and explained to the lady the error of her and her companies ways she then asked me to send in pics of the car so i have done that and now i wait for i guess the final offer and just so you all know i have a few item that i need to sell to fund a new project so keep an aya open in the for sale section very soon 263's, gruven rad neck , new vr6 rad, new vr6 rad fan housing , moon roof and gaskets and stuff :D
  3. hmm i see the sad thing is im not taking offers only firm prices but feel free to pop by and cross my palm with silver :lol: oh i have a new rad and alloy rad neck and new passat delocked handles and some g12 ++ oh the list goes on
  4. ahhhhhhhh mate sorry to hear fay did you up the wrong'en by the looks of it she was gentle with you !! :lol: sorry could not help myself there :D bummer man
  5. millerman

    inpro hid's???

    h7's are the correct fitment
  6. is it under or around the dizzy if so you need a new seal couple of quid from the dealer but will need timeing done after !
  7. jim sorry to hear your problems with the engine mate and glad your not gonna break it but remember one thing at least you can still look at your car out of the window mate and be safe in the knowledge you will drive her in all her glory again one day unlike me :( dont worry im over it now really :D :lol: chin up mate it will all be good again soon :D
  8. hey fella liking the low and yella look BUT not sure on the bra mate think you better try my black bra !!!
  9. or you could buy my polished inleft manifold its not like i need it now :( :lol: Could do... why can't you use it?[/quote:pmlx721b] ERM you must be the only person that does not know my corrado had a small problem last week and is now a distant memory mate :( SHE CAUGHT FIRE AND DIED :( viewtopic.php?f=17&t=90805
  10. or you could buy my polished inleft manifold its not like i need it now :( :lol:
  11. im betting the powerstering pump needs adjusting and that should stop the squeek or your aux belts are old and buggered not sure the talk trick works on yours as your aux belts only drive pullys on the inside unlike the vr6 but the engine bay deffo looks better for the bling :D
  12. ok power steering if its noisy do the following jack the front of the car up turn the steering left to right full lock engine off and check the level of the fluid top up if need be now start the engine and turn full lock left and right several times this auto bleeds the system turn off and leave for 20 mins then check again if still noisy steer lock to lock a few times and go for a drive if still noisy and heavy your pump is buggered i found when i replaced the fluid mine was noisy untill i did the above then all of a suden it went quiet and was fine hope this helps
  13. that is odd as i find steering wheels become less grippy when they wear ? try gliptone leather cleaner or even megs APC watered down and then a little leather cream and that should help it
  14. for sure gonna have a long think about the next project
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