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  1. Haven't had a clear out in ages but that situation is due change.
  2. Is there a meeting planned to celebrate the 30th Anniversary Ron, like has been done with previous?
  3. You'll laugh when I tell you where I found one, in my own spares stash! Been working with Corrado for so many years, I don't even know what I've got tucked away [emoji1]
  4. Need a late style dash, ashtray Insert for my Storm restoration project. Can any of you help here? Please call me if you have the part I need 07974020031. Thanks.
  5. Hi Christian, can you still supply the late Corrado under bonnet foam kits? If you can i would like to purchase two kits please. I look forward to hearing from you. regards, John
  6. You will be very fortunate indeed to find a used OEM Storm exhaust in good condition, after 20 years of action. We can sell you a Milltek system for your Storm that will look very much like the OEM offering but guaranteed for life and so much better in function. Give us a call if you would like more details, or call in to our West Sussex based workshops in Littlehampton. We look forward to hearing from you. http://www.johnmitchellracing.co.uk 01903 718684
  7. What exactly are wanting in your custom exhaust, which differs from systems such as the Milltek current system?
  8. Take care indeed. Nothing on the same scale, but I have just returned from Venice and yesterday i witnessed for the first time ever, ground tremors which were strong enough to shake the Doge's Pallace in St Marks square. It was enough to make me not want to be in there.
  9. Whilst I am delighted for you and your MOT pass Alan and would not for one moment wish to dampen your fireworks. I am, however, always slightly bemused as to why folks place such gravitas on the MOT? Being an MOT qualified inspector of some years standing, I recognise the MOT test to be the lowest standard any road going vehicle must meet and in as much, a well loved and maintained vehicle should pass without any cause for celebration. Moreover, it should be considered as a formality to be addressed for reasons of legality, but in all other respects almost an indignity to its mechanical status. The MOT is an important feature of U.K. Motoring road safety and I am not in any way in doubt of that fact, but surely as enthusiasts and in as much, own vehicles that transcend regular ownership, we are ensuring our loved Corrados are being kept to a standard way in excess of an MOT fail? Anyways Alan, I'm pleased your Corrado will continue to give service and pleasure for another year. 15 years Corrado ownership, 255k miles and goodness knows how many anecdotes to tell. Now that's a reason for celebration [emoji482]
  10. Thanks for the heads up on that Jim. Annoying this is I called them when my search started and they said it was a part they couldn't supply?? I will make s call again on Monday. Cheers [emoji106]
  11. I know one of you out there has one of these, tucked away with in a dusty corner of your misc Corrado stash. So come on, have a dig and give me a call. Cash waiting [emoji106]
  12. Congrats to you both. Your pics confirm exactly how your wedding day should be, Brill [emoji106][emoji898]
  13. 16VG60

    G60 running rich

    Your G60 needs to have a full engine tune, to setup the basic settings for dynamic timing, exhaust CO%, and idle speed. This will establish a firm baseline and confirm the function of your oxygen sensor, ISV, and CO pot. So often this important process is overlooked on G60's and in as much so many are unnecessarily running out of trim. You will require key workshop tooling like a good quality engine timing light and a 3 gas analyser. You will also need to familiarise yourself with the procedure. http://www.johnmitchellracing.co.uk
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