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  1. Clearing out the garage and thinking of getting rid of 2 x ASD Gearbox. Great replacement gearbox for better rev ratios and fuel consumtion. Research this item pleanty of reading material online,very similar to the CTN Gearbox(£130 each) [ATTACH=CONFIG]82296[/ATTACH] A pair of Shaved Corrado Doors. Need respraying, perfect for a projects. Window mechs & lock actuator included. £100. Any interest? [ATTACH=CONFIG]82297[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]82298[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]82299[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]82300[/ATTACH]
  2. Hi M15, You would have to ask original supplier mate i'm sure he still has the moulds & start up a new Group buy. Read all the pages to this thread as all the details should be in there. Rory
  3. That's as far as I got, with the pedal firming up but not returning properly & now after a couple of days it has started springs back properly (Obviously this only helps if your able to change gear) so weather I had trapped air I don't know:shrug:. It does sound like the same problem so I would be very keen to hear weather changing the master solves the problem. I agree it is very frustrating but worth it in the end. I removed a master cylinder from my G60 about a year ago & when I looked at it over the weekend it wasn't working properly & needs slinging out so they obviously don't like sitting around with out being used.
  4. I have had a similar problem over the weekend & changed the slave, I'm not overly convince I've totally sorted it out yet. I was getting nowhere until I bled the master cylinder first (I did have a bleed nipple but it is on a Valver) then moved onto the slave (using the two man technique). Did take time though & I swear I only have half of the clutch control I had before so I can't help but think my master is at fault. When you pull the pedal does it spring back in to place or is it limp all the time??
  5. Rorgasm

    Rado Grey Seats

    I have some grey seat in the garage, not sure on the condition though. I'll have to take some photos tomorrow for you. Where are you based?? I'm in West Sussex so I might be too far away for you.
  6. JMR Racing. John & Troy are on the forum & are Corrado specialist. Little bit of a drive for you but I could not think of anyone better to be working on any of my Corrados. Very Knowledgeable & professional. here is there web site. http://www.johnmitchellracing.co.uk/ Worth checking the site out just to view some of the build they have done. Can't recommend these guy enough.:thumbleft:
  7. I go away for a couple of weeks & this is what happens..... nice work Troy. I'll be round to see you & John tomorrow for a full update on both builds. Rory:smug:
  8. Sorry Dave how rude of me. Totally forgot about this, sorry :bonk:. I'm on holiday at the moment, will be back on the 16th so if some hasn't sorted you out ill inspect what I have & get some pics over to you.
  9. Just i case you changed your mind,there is a driver side door moulding on Ebay 361098533762. Rory
  10. If you get really stuck , there is a breakers on my way to work so if you give them a call I don't mind picking them up & posting them for you (obviously you'd have to pay for postage). You never know they might post it for you, I know they have some parts already on Ebay already. VW & Audi Recycled Parts Centre Tel 01903 850924 If your having to get some paint work done on you drivers side, get them to colour code the Moulding at the same time. Make them look so much better. Rory
  11. Ebay had a set the other day for £10 I believe.
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