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  1. Neil VR6

    ap coilovers

    I've got a set on my E39 BMW and they're really good. I clean and re-wax them annually as they don't have the Inox coating like the KWs (even though KW actually own AP now). Ride quality is good though. They're too soft to run mega low on my application. The springs just aren't stiff enough. But the damping's good and they've been 100% reliable (mine's an M-Sport)
  2. Another new owner :) I can't believe you lost the stereo face-plate! ;)
  3. Not at all - it was £7800 (the guy knocked off £200 as it needs a service) It's a huge amount of metal for the money. Dual zone climate, leather, bi-xenons (which are INCREDIBLE), auto wipers, fantastically adjustable seats etc etc. I'm loving the orange dash illumination too, it's got little lights in the ceiling which iluminate the dash at night! The auto 'box is super too
  4. Picked up some new wheels on Thursday and spent all day clay bar'ing, polishing and waxing... E39 BMW 530i Sport in Cosmos Black metallic, 1 owner from new (a doctor), optional sunroof, 60k miles:
  5. I know I'm resurrecting an old thread here but what's a KW comfort pack? Indeed, I turn 30 in two weeks. This sounds like just the ticket!
  6. A new MAF solved those problems for me. I can't recall if VAGCOM picks up specific MAF faults. You can test whether the MAF is working by measuring the resistance of the current as you boot the throttle. The resistance should shoot up as the air gets sucked in. If you only see a slight increase - your MAF's dead.
  7. Did you get a re-furb'd donor engine put in or have your old lump rebuilt?
  8. Your Corrado's mostly made of Dynamat isn't it or did you manage to remove it? :lol:
  9. http://www.the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/viewto ... 31&t=83762
  10. The way it would pick up from 2k RPM and not need to be revved to 4k RPM like the VR before the fun begins! :ignore:
  11. I miss the torque of my old G60 :(
  12. For less that £15k you can buy an Alfa Veloce Mito with the cracking 155TB engine. I test drove one and thought it was brilliant. Far better value and better looking (controversial!) than what I suspect the new Polo will look like :ignore:
  13. I love the W124 - my old man had a light green 230E saloon. An absolute tank - he sold it with 104K on the clock and it never broke down once. It ended up being shipped to the middle east somewhere cos it was a manual and as a result had a resale value of about £4.28 so was destined for use as a mini cab. I keep expecting to see it on the news with a guilted tissue box on the parcel shelf!
  14. My mates just got a Passat 130 TDi estate and loves it. It's usually full of dogs and camping gear!
  15. All the usual cuplrits! Start with the cheapest first namely the ECU and fuel pump relay both cheap OE parts from VW - and likely to go at some point so renewing them is wise anyway. Then as above the ignition switch, crank position sensor/hall sender. The CPS was the cause of my 'cranking but not firing' issue - about £30 from VW.
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