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  1. I sourced a uk Gamma radio for my previous Corrado. It looked very good, however as it was from a Mk4 Golf, the backlight controls were blue, rather than green. I enquired re changing the lighting bulbs but was advised it was more involved as each bulb had to be changed. In the end I left it as it was.
  2. I used a mk3 golf motor in my previous Corrado and it worked perfectly. Good luck
  3. I had advertised them previously but unfortunately didn’t attract any interest
  4. I have a fully refurbished set of the same 15 Inch wheels, never used, complete with original bbs centre caps. Pm me if anyone is interested
  5. I had one fitted to my previous Corrado. The sliding panel works independently to the roof and can be slid back irrespective if the roof being open or closed allowing light into the car. It looks really effective and lightens up the interior. I have a photo but am unable to post on the forum for some reason. Send me your email address and I will forward it to you. Robin
  6. Will. I have a drivers sill trim in beige. It is in good condition. There is a small section of the front piece that sits under the kick panel which Is chipped of. However when the panel is fitted over it, this is not visible. If you give me your email address I will send you pictures. Robin
  7. Hi. I sourced a black micro fibre cover on Amazon 2 years ago for about £35 pounds. The medium size fits the Corrado well and is good quality. Hopefully they are still available
  8. robinw


    I had a similar problem with my previous Corrado. I changed the brake fluid and this solved the problem.
  9. Hi. I have a late model insert. It's not perfect but if you pm me your email address, I will send you some images and you can make a decision. I have had problems posting photographs hence the email. Robin
  10. I bought my book on Amazon. It cost £25.00
  11. Hi I have checked my copy of Das grosse VW Corrado Buch The book was initially published in 1992, reprinted in 2015. The section covering Karmann is very detailed and contains a selection of photographs, none of which show any dates underneath. In the acknowledgment section of the book, again no dates are shown. As James suggests, the book is well worth buying as it is extremely comprehensive and has some interesting photographs, albeit it is in German. Good luck. Robin
  12. Hi Anna, I would be happy to oblige if no one else has contacted you before me
  13. Hi Interesting brochure. The photographs are the same as those published in the German publication Das Grosse VW Corrado Buch. I came across it last year on Amazon. They devote a chapter to Karmann. As you say, the models shown are early. I am away at the moment,but get home at the end of the week. I will see if there is any reference on the photos or in the book to the production dates. Good luck hunting. Robin
  14. Hi Graham I am back from my travels and have a pair of collars and pins. Can you PM me your mobile number in order to have a chat Robin
  15. Hi I have an assortment of pin surrounds from various VW and BMW models as I too needed to replace one on my car. I am away until the weekend but will check on my return if you still require one or two.
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