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  1. I fooking love grab cad. Great model BTW . Is it modelled from scanned data? Or freestyle from an orthographic?
  2. Good to see another Corrado owner in Cornwall! Unfortunately I am trying to shift my valver as I have a mk3 Tdi daily so I won't be an owner for long. My Mk3 is the newest car I have ever owned and I have not been spoilt by the new car feel, so I can safely say my 16v (and G60 before it) are the best dailys I have ever had. I totally agree with Pat, throw as much as you have at it and you won't regret it. I have always bought cars on a tight budget and always spent a lot of time tinkering with them - but I enjoy that so its ok. One day I will get another Corrado (after I finish the Mk1 and Mk2) probably by the time they have all but disappeared and cost a small fortune!!
  3. I saw a darkish grey Corrado (sorry for my ignorance on colour type and description . .) arriving at the European Drag racing finals at Santa Pod this weekend. Seen at a distance so I cannot be more specific!!
  4. I'll take it mate. pm some paypal info and I will get it paid. Chris
  5. No Probs mate. Pm me details when you have them. Cheers.
  6. Sweet. Paypal ok? Can you tell me the part number too please (just for my knowledge).
  7. Have you got the early spec leccy window control box?
  8. I will have a look at the one I have and might give it a trim in black (or beige) if anyone fancies it?
  9. Do you have the electric window control box and the central locking pump available mate?
  10. Ah, manifold fail then - I have the inlet :(
  11. How quickly do you need it buddy? I have one but won't be able to send it for a week or so.
  12. Its poor form I know - but I'm pretty sure it makes me go faster and I also blend in around chavs. I wasn't thinking so much about rusty glass ;) more like small rodent corpses or spiders.
  13. My 16v has one on it and I voted bad! I am too scared to take it off just in case I find something or pull the paint off :( PS - I didn't fit it before anyone asks.
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