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  1. Hey revox, glad you got back to Glasgow ok! Was great to meet you and I'm happy you're enjoying your new Corrado :) She's all yours now, so you gotta take the credit for the chufties! Look after her, but most of all, HAVE FUN :D P.S. Great photos, amazing backdrop you got there!
  2. I've been travelling in Australia for the last 4 months and I've not seen a single Corrado! I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. I'm guessing they never sold them in Australia...? Nobody knows that I mean when I mention 'Corrado', and then they laugh at me because VW is very much a girls car down here :wink: I've seen enough Skyline's to last me a lifetime though... Also, anyone know anything about emigrating to Oz? I know some people here have done it... wouldn't mind doing it myself 8) Cheers for now!
  3. At a car-park in deepest darkest Dartmoor and I saw someone hit their caravan on one of those low-bar girders. Gave the old-guy in the car the shock of his life, totally forgotten he was towing it! :roll:
  4. Bugger! Sorry to hear that :( Someone sat on my bonnet a few weeks ago, they didn't dent it but put some nasty scratches on the paintwork, probably with their belt or those metal studs you get in in jeans. I'm sure it was bloody kids... :mad: I could be wrong, but I don't think you can buy that bonnet sound insulation anymore...
  5. That's bloody great! Really looks nice in a black interior 8)
  6. Ooh yes!! Nearly a year on and I still smile everytime I put my foot down. Just can't get enough of that sound :) Enjoy your new C! 8)
  7. Black. It would look one mean mo-fo.
  8. Looks good Kev. I'm going to do this at some point, although not quite to the extent you have! Maybe just a bit on the doors and in the boot, which seem to be the noisiest areas. I also need to go around lining the inside boot plastic-cover-thing and stop its incessant squeeking.
  9. Last year I paid just under £1000 for the vr6, at the age of 23. Waiting for the infamous 25 year-old insurance drop... Could just be a rumour though...
  10. Actually, when I visited I was surprised at how CA countryside looked just like Devon. And the coast.. well, I couldn't tell the two apart. (Apart from the weather's 100 times nicer)
  11. Does anyone know of an alternative source for the OE red Beru leads for a VR6. The stealer is quoting over £120 for the set. Is there anywhere a little cheaper? Any suggestions welcome, thanks!
  12. Its ok, I just phone the local stealer and he said: VR6 throttle cable: 536 721 555A Grommet: 191 721 5559 Just for reference :)
  13. Mmmm!.. check out some of these beauties! :lol:
  14. Is that the one that locks doors 10 secs after the ingnition is turned on? Mine has never worked, despite being enabled. I hear a small 'click', but it doen't actually lock anything. Does yours?
  15. Any chance finding the part no's Jim? I need a new cable, but i've got a VR6, so will the part number be different?
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