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  1. Watching this with interest I have the same spec car and have always wanted to do this to mine. But I just don't have the time, skills and patience that you do. Keep up the great work mate it'll look amazing when finished!
  2. A quick one, would the Corrado be classified as a classic car so would be exempt from the ULEZ charge?
  3. Jim hope you got the prob sorted. I would be interested to know if the throttle position sensor sorted the issue.
  4. This used to happen to mine when I first got my car. I tried everything i.e. spark plugs , ignition coil, leads, disc cap, etc, it turned out to be the Lambda Sensor. Essentially the car would be fine when cold, but when it got up to speed and warm on the motorway I would get loss of power and stuttering. Turning the engine off and then back on seemed to rectify the prob until a few miles later it would happen again. Hope this helps.
  5. I agree with the option with added caveat that pics needed first to make a considered decision!
  6. Sounds like a good idea. Me, I'm a banker but now establishing a consultancy company. May need to chat to a web developer/tech and graphic designer to design me a logo/brand/website.
  7. This is such sad news. Never had the opportunity to meet him but did exchange ideas on the forum as we had the same model Corrado. RIP Bally.
  8. 0 miles in the past 13 years, just placed in the garage hoping to get it running some time soon. Have considered selling many times but found it hard to do so.
  9. Indeed would be an interesting read. I have some old articles too related to the Corrado. I guess copyright prevents from scanning and posting?
  10. Hi mate, just PM'd you.
  11. Just seen this video of "UK Bad driving", a Corrado in a near miss. The Corrado bit is at 3:00 min. Anyone on hear?
  12. Excellent, let me know if you do, and what price you would be looking to have for it. Thanks.
  13. Does anyone have an internal pump unit part number 535 919 051 for a 2.0 16v for sale. The rubbers on mine have perished and am looking for a replacement. Pls PM if you do have one for sale. Thanks
  14. Hi there, mines in a similar condition, its been sat around for about 10 years now too. Family and life get in the way. But like you I'm determined to get her back on the road. Mines also a 2.0 16v, so will be looking at this post. Wishing you bets of luck mate with yours.
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