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  1. Yep shaun told me all about that unfortunate event. It was taken from outside a mate's house . He had just had the car resprayed 2 tone flip paint and spent a healthy amount on alarm/immoboliser. Top guy shaun is he signed my happy mondays records for me and spent ages chatting bout the corrado.
  2. Oreet everyone. A couple of months ago my Corrado was used for filming in a upcoming car show apparently to be broadcast on the Travel channel. From what i could make out it is to be based on 90's celebs driving cars they used to own , Shaun ryder was driving my corrado and the show is hosted by paddy mcguiness. So keep ur eyes peeled for that some nice exposure for the corrado im sure.
  3. I had a similar problem pal. I put about half a roll of PTFE tape round the elbow and its never leaked once . might be worth a shot before buying a new rad ? Sent from my LG-H635 using Tapatalk
  4. Black Corrado spotted near Chorley town centre, was in mine and got a wave. Anyone on here?
  5. Obvious check I know but are you getting good spark on all 4 plugs ? From what your describing it does sound very immobiliser related , let's the car fire then kills the power within a second or 2 . Also a problem a had once was that the little pressure valve on the fuel rail had vibrated loose and caused rough idle almost to the point if cutting out. Easy to check, it's on the drivers side of the fuel rail and it's a small Allen key .
  6. Did the 16v's have idle stabiliser valve ? Located on back of throttle body.
  7. Little tip for the ignition switch 😋 it is held in by microscopic screw , put a little bluetac on your screwdriver to hold the screw steady, it goes in at a really awkward angle . I had my head resting on the break peddle . Plenty of huffing and puffing should get it sorted.
  8. Wouldn't fitting a kill switch constantly reset the time and trip mileage every time you flicked the switch? I had a kill switch on my old 84 mini didn't matter on that basic as can be.
  9. My fix to this issue on my vr in remove the lower plastic surrounding the steering wheel grab hold of the big wireing harness and give it a little wiggle . I've had Bo issues since.
  10. britpop95

    Abv engine

    Any chance of price for engine and possible courier fuzz ? Bit of a trek from Wigan. Cheers pal
  11. Where are you located pal?
  12. britpop95

    Abv engine

    After a vr6 engine, preferably the 2.9 I'm located in Wigan cash ready and waiting. Cheers 🍻
  13. Oreet pal, I'll take a small hoody. Pm me for postage details
  14. Ye for me the aux pump keeps pressure of the matrix. I put a new one on after the plastic outlet pipe corroded away taking a lot of coolant with it.
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