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  1. vag

    Late passenger vr6 wing

    Ooow sounds good, how much delivered? edit just went through my laptop and i see you're in Italy hahah
  2. Hi all In need of a Late VR6 NS wing, would be nice if it was dragon green but not fussed. Needs to be clean ideally and close to Gatwick aiport unless willing to post. Thanks :)
  3. Morning Looking for a Corrado VR6 close to Gatwick Airport area, not looking for a show winner just something to tickle my itch while i restore my mk2. 07853387822 Merry Christmas
  4. I have a good condition vr6 box, im in Crawley next to Gatwick airport
  5. Evening all Looking for a Reasonably good condition VR6 engine or juts the bottom end, basically need a block that has minimal wear to build my test turbo engine. Preferable around Gatwick airport unless you are willing to courier, 07853387822 :thumbleft::thumbleft:
  6. You haven't got the pipes on the wrong way round have you? blue is return
  7. This thread inspired me literally years ago, well I have finally pulled my finger out! Trial fitting, making sure my exhaust manifold fits I like over engineering...
  8. vag

    R32 crank shaft

    sorry mate would rather one that doesn't need a regrind. thanks
  9. vag

    R32 crank shaft

    Morning Looking for a R32 crankshaft in good serviceable condition. :thumbleft:
  10. On my mk2 vr6 i got brand new fuel lines front to back from TPS, but i ordered mk3 vr6 ones and they fitted perfectly so i would assume it would be the same story for the Corrado.
  11. vag


    check the bottom pulley key hasn't sheered
  12. yeah sounds about right, i first experienced it in my 16v mk2 it had crappy tappets that were always loosing pressure and tapping so replaced them with new vw ones, soon as i revved it kept doing the above. It baffled me for a while you couldn't drive it until it reached temp as it just cut out and would have to crank it for ages until the cylinders slowly come back on line. any way replaced the pump and all was well.
  13. relief valve sticking and not allowing the pump to relief oil pressure,blipping the throttle most likely unsticks the relief valve. If the relief valve is totally stuck closed and if you rev it hard the hydraulic tappets pump up to much and wont allow the valves to close causing the engine to stall, and upon restarting will sound like its got no compression until the tappets come back down to normal operating pressure.
  14. Do you have to change the valve springs to use these cams or are standard springs up for the job? cheers
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