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  1. I live in coningsby now at the raf base , I was at wittering for ten years so know the area well . U going ultimate dubs ?
  2. If they don't sell as a lot I'll sell u the ones you want
  3. No more Corrado means I have to sell my stuff 😞I have 7 sprinter mags issues 19,21,24,25,26,40 & 41 all in good condition ideal to complete a collection or just to own a bit of Corrado history any way in looking for £20 posted enjoy :) [ATTACH]72473[/ATTACH][ATTACH]72474[/ATTACH][ATTACH]72475[/ATTACH][ATTACH]72476[/ATTACH][ATTACH]72477[/ATTACH][ATTACH]72478[/ATTACH][ATTACH]72479[/ATTACH][ATTACH]72480[/ATTACH]
  4. Hi all since my VR has gone :( I've still got the service book with manual that came with the car , leather folder included in sale 2 , not sure if any one would be interested but I didn't wanna just throw away £13 posted [ATTACH]71470[/ATTACH]
  5. I no longer have my VR , but welcome and I'm local 2
  6. Found this in this weeks classic car weekly [ATTACH]71208[/ATTACH]
  7. Just got here , really pleased very impressed ! Classy work well done ! I know the r32oc.com are looking to get one made , not sure if its gonna be as good as this one . Even tho I've now got a 32 this will take pride of place 😄
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