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  1. and i have a red early bonnet aswell. would havto check the condition.
  2. Hi Im in Paignton and breaking a 94 Mystic blue Vr6 if thats any use??? I dont have any lights but the body panels are all here.
  3. Near mint Black leather Storm seats and door cards Near mint interior. Little bit of bubbling on the window edges of the cards and a small amount of wear on the drivers bolster but aside from that the best ive seen. Collection only please but have a van an may be willing to deliver locally or meet halfway etc. also has upgraded speakers in the cards. List Date: 2/17/2015 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Near mint Black leather Storm seats and door cards -------------------------------------- SOLD -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Near mint Black leather Storm seats and door cards Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  4. Hi Russ, welcome to the forum. I have a VR for sale http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=89098 as it is not sub 100k as you requested I do have another engine available for sale with the car its a VEGE reconditioned engine only covered 40k. 2.9 VR6 VEGE reconditioned engine only covered 40k miles with Neuspeed pulley kit All parts including starter motor and alternator etc, Recent inspection and overhaul with new rocker cover gasket and sump gasket. New water pump fitted along with all water seals and gaskets. New oil cooler gaskets and seals. New inlet manifold gaskets Toothed belt Oil filter Fuel filter. 2litres G13 6 litres Fully synth oil I have a Raceland 6-1 exhaust manifold complete with heat wrap gaskets and ties. Gear box Please drop me a message if of interest Regards Rob
  5. VW Corrado VR6 Its with a heavy heart that I write this, But needs must and unfortunately I can no longer warrant running a work van, Car for the missus and my Corrado VR6. General This is the second Corrado VR6 I have owned and it has been an absolute dream. People complain that they are un reliable but aside from having to replace the heater Matrix last year it has started on the button every time. I have owned her for 2 years and am the 5th owner. I personally know the last 2 owners so it has been kept between friends for the past 8 years. The car started out life as an automatic but was converted to manual back in August 2007 by TVR in Newton Abbot. Also originally the car was Midnight blue but was re sprayed pre 2006 by a previous owner. The respray is good but the engine bay and underside of the bonnet remains in Midnight blue. All electrics work as they should. Mileage is at 135k and the mot is till August 2015 The service book I have with the vehicle is up to date. If you would like dates and mileages please ask. Exterior and bodywork Overall o.k. The paint polishes up a treat but there are a few car park dinks, scratches and dents but nothing major During the respray the exterior door strips were removed and the boot lid had the wiper and washer removed. Colour coded front grill, rear number plate surround and door handles Metal pressed plates courtesy of Dubmeister 100% legal Lupo GTi wiper conversion so the wipers actually stay on the screen over 50mph!! Engine Standard aside from BMC CDA induction and Magnex stainless cat back exhaust system. Sounds awesome, runs sweet and pulls like it should. Recent Bosch battery Brakes Fronts are Porsche 4 pots from a Cayenne with 323mm Leon Cupra R discs. Rears are mk 4 Golf calipers and discs. Some of the brake pipes have been changed at some point and there are Goodrich braided brake hoses all round. Wheels 17? Polished Audi TT comps with VW centre caps Rear tyres are 205/40/17 Continental Sports with 5-6mm tread Fronts are 205/40/17 Nexen N6000 that have done 400 miles Suspension Not entirely sure as there are no markings on the rear struts but they are Yellow with black springs. Front struts have VW markings on them so I assume they are original but fitted with lowering springs. Sits lovely on the road and handles very well Interior Immaculate black storm leather seats and door cards. Momo champion steering wheel Blue LED dash lights Chrome clock surrounds Passat centre mini sun visor Security and Ice Clifford Arrow 3 total closure alarm and immobiliser fitted in 2001 with certificate to prove. Jvc head unit with 12 cd changer in the boot. Custom fit rear 6x9s in the boot. Uprated frot speakers in the door pods. Bad Points One of the motion sensors for the alarm has broken off. Needs new front strut top mounts. It was an advisory on the last MOT and causes a clunk when you turn to approx. ? steering lock. Body work could do with a bit of tlc. Some paint peel on the drivers door handle and various age related marks The wheels could do with a good machine polish as I hand polished them in the spring but its not the same. The ABS light sometimes stays on and a recent VAGcom scan revealed it was the pump at fault. I have a Second hand pump that will come with the car I am sure there is some bits I have missed out. If you are genuinely interested in buying this Corrado you will not be disappointed it handles well and never fails to put a smile on my face. I will be very sad to see it go. If you would like a test drive please bring proof of insurance, otherwise I would be happy to take you for a spin! Please call me if you have any questions on 07813894628 I am in Paignton TQ3 and looking for ?3500 List Date: 11/9/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: VW Corrado VR6 -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available. -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: VW Corrado VR6 Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  6. Hi All. I had the Matrix go a few months back and finally got round to takin it apart the week before last. Cleverly I didnt take any Pictures of the cable positions. I have connected them up to where I thought they went but the dials dont seem to be turning or operating corectly. Has anyone got any Pics of a complete unit for reference please. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi Leon, i think i may have found 1 locally. but hold that thought will let you know at the weekend if thats o.k. Cheers
  8. Hi All, As above please posted to TQ3 area. Thanks
  9. Hey. I have Porsche 4 pots on my Rado and running 323mm. As above im running the Seat leon Cupra r discs. You will be limited with wheel choice with these brake upgrades though so beware! Im running Audi tt comps and only have a few mm to spare!
  10. Hi, Just to re iterate the above message from Robrado. I will have a set please. VR6 no logo. Cheers.
  11. Cheers Abdul, Yer He was saying at the time only reason for the sale was because he was goin to 1.8t it. We literally lifted the engine straight out of the car into The boot of Matts Passat!
  12. O.k. Well I dont like to be a grass (cos no one likes a grass)but here is the add that states that it has cams fitted. Also upon further inspection there are no signs of any port and polishing of having been done. as Ive said before not sure what I want to achieve I just feel a bit mis lead as to what was being purchased. I know how much people get slated on various sites for mis sdvertising or just plain telling porky pies! http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=62585 I probably wouldnt mind so much if they admit it but Ive had no reply and there has been activity on their Facebook so must have seen my message by now. I want to say steer clear of this seller but he did seem pretty genuine when we picked up the engine. Anyways let me know what you think.
  13. Im still dont know what I expect from this. But what i do know is until Robrado and I took the engine out of my lockup and I stripped it with my own hands no one had touched it so either the seller has payed someone for the cams to fitted and they havnt or the advert is false. Spose I just want to know which it is! There has been talk of "name and shame" already but Im gonna give him a chance to respond to a message first. I sent this message to his Facebook account on Friday 3rd jan as he hasnt shown any activity on the forum for 6 months. Hey , Dont think you would remember me but im Rob, I came to yours with Matt (8vMatt on Corrado.net) when he purchased the VR6 Vege engine from your corrado. The engine sat in my lockup for a year then I purchased it from Matt along with the car in May last year. In November I replaced the rocker cover gasket along with other bits ready to fit. To my surprise the engine was no fitted with SP263s as advertised. While I understand that is was a long time ago and there were no receipts etc. I thought I ought to let you know. I am interested to know your thoughts. P.s. sorry for the FB message but you were showing no activity on the forum for 6 months. Kind regards Rob See What happens!
  14. Well after much deliberation I have decided to message the seller. I will see what happens.
  15. Thank you for all your comments guys, I have since checked the original for sale add on this forum and it is advertised as having schimmel cams. The issue I have is that 8vmatt purchased the engine about 2 years never got round to fitting it, then I got my hands on the engine along with the car about a year ago. Its only recently that I have started preparing the engine to be fitted. I will have a chat with Matt see what he wants to do. Thanks again!
  16. Hi Guys and Gals, I have recently stripped and re build a recon vege unit that I puschased. I was told that the cams where schimmel, My question is are there tell tail signs to prove they are or are not? As I have never seen a set of standard cams I have no comparison. Here are some pics! [ATTACH=CONFIG]76746[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]76747[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]76748[/ATTACH] Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hmm! Lots of views but no help with the cam question/dilema. Matt Did you find the rest of the paperwork from Johnny?
  18. Hey Matt, Thanks for the spec reminder! If you click on the pics they should get bigger!?!?
  19. Hi All, I was recently told by robrado69 to pull my finger out and start a thread. so here it is. Have been in the dub seen since I bought my first (of Many) Mk2 golfs in 1995 at 17 years of age! At 18 traded up for a mk1 gti! Spent 7 years of my life with this car and loved every minuite. In 2003 the Corrado affair began and I bought a DBP Vr6! Now owned by robrado69 since 2008. Had a flirt With an Mk4 R32 for 4 years and now back to Corrado ownership. [ATTACH=CONFIG]76123[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]76124[/ATTACH] Current Corrado is Vr6 with a few body and engine mods. I purchased the car from 8vMatt around 18 months ago and to be honest havnt done alot to it thus far aside from consumables. [ATTACH=CONFIG]76122[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]76130[/ATTACH] Current performance Mods are BMC CDA induction Magnex catback exhaust Porcha 4pots up front 312mm discs Mk4 rear calipers Lupo wiper conversion Current body mods Respray in Mystic blue Door plastic trim delete Rear wiper delete Colour coded front grill. Interior Full storm black leather Momo wheel Classic Kenwood krc tape deck! Still goin strong from when I bought it new in 98! Door speaker upgrade Custom 6x9 install in boot (curtesy of 8vMatt) As for the future.... Abot 2 years ago I went on a road trip with 8vMatt upto the big smoke to see Johnny and his VR6. Matt purchased the engine and box from his car and we dragged it (Headlights to the sky) back to sunny devon where it has been stored in my lock up until recently. A couple of months back I accuired the engine from Matt stripped it and put back together as the rocker cover gasket was leaking and a few of the coolant rubbers didnt look too clever and It had a new water pump. [ATTACH=CONFIG]76125[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]76126[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]76127[/ATTACH] Its a Vege recon unit which has done 40k. It Has Neuspeed pullies and is suppose to have shimmel cams. I took some pics before The rocker went back on. I couldnt find any signs they where aftermarket but then again ive never seen a standard set! So if anyone can shed some light I would be gratefull [ATTACH=CONFIG]76131[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]76128[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]76129[/ATTACH]
  20. Hi Think we might have cross purposes buddy by "the Surround" I was refering to the door pull surrounds. A previous owner of my VR has fitted Venom crome handles and the original surrounds dot fit properly and I only have 1 surround. Thanks
  21. I will take the door pulls please, I dont suppose you have the surrounds aswell? Cheers Rob
  22. Was great to see the smile on your face when I dropped you to her! Looks good mate! Will haveto go for a WHHHHAARP! this week!
  23. gonna haveto get yourself a tape player to go in it now! I got plenty of old skool tapes hangin around to keep you entertained
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