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  1. Nah I was lucky that I picked up a bit of debris underneath the car (someone's front bumper) that tipped me over the edge. Picked up a win and a second :)
  2. Both the Golf GTI Championship rounds and VAG Trophy rounds will be shown on MotorsTV Friday (16th) @ 17:40. If I look miserable on the podium after the win it's because I think the car's underweight.
  3. This weekend sees the last Golf GTI/VAG Trophy rounds at Snetterton in sunny Norfolk. Racing is always close and the Snetterton 300 Layout always provides some good action. The event timetable can be found here: http://www.msvracing.co.uk/media/149647/timetable_27_28_oct_sn_-_issue_three_xlsx.pdf Everyone is welcome to come over for a cup of tea and have a good nose around the race car. Its worth keeping an eye out for Ken Lark's silver Corrado (ex-VW Cup) in the VAG. Sounds awesome. [ATTACH=CONFIG]70077[/ATTACH]
  4. Drop me a line and I'll forward you a set-up sheet as a start point.
  5. ........ don't even get me started on bump steer with these things either!
  6. Yes will fit, but you will need to up the front spring rate.
  7. Don't forget, When you change the camber the toe will also change. Set camber first, then correct toe. I agree with Davidwort with regard to the toe angle increasing under acceleration (out/+ve) but it is also important to remember toe angle will decrease (in/-ve) when braking however....... In my experience I always set toe slightly +ve on road/race cars so that it is as close to neutral as positive during braking and therefore turn in. Yes the toe angle will be more +ve under acceleration but I have found the effect to be less detrimental here than an excess of -ve toe angle during turn in when the front of the car is still loaded. At the end of the day it's all personal preference and there is no substitute for experimenting with the settings and finding what changes make a notable difference. If any.
  8. From experience with other lumps, if you are running a highly tuned motor with a ported head, matched ports etc work on the throttle body would add to the cumulative effect of all the mods and be worthwhile As a standalone flow mod the effect will be minimal as the better flow you create through it will be stifled in other areas (manifold, head & valve seats.).
  9. Yeah no probs, drop me a PM mate.
  10. If you bring it over to Warrington I'll set it up properly for you. Drop me a PM with a number and I'll give you a shout, no charge but I like cider
  11. You have to adjust, re-assemble bounce the car a couple of times measure and repeat as necessary. A large differentiation in camber will generate a thrust angle and add have a cumulative effect on tyre wear.
  12. I'd trust the method described above over an alignment performed any back-street tyre place, Especially if the guy is uncomfortable with the settings. The old adage "all the gear but no-idea" sounds like it applies here. As Davidwort said factory camber settings are nearly always obtainable with the smaller shanked bolts or the range of adjustment available on the strut. With regard to settings I have found the factory settings not to be a million miles out for the road, perhaps a little more camber (an extra -0.5 - 1) for more spirited b-road enjoyment.
  13. Thanks very much that's good news. At least I'm running the later version of the damper now with the heat shield which should help it out when the 6-branch arrives.
  14. Afternoon Everyone, Is it normal for there to be a faint hissing noise from the idle stabilisation valve? I have replaced the "damper" (021133492A) as shown below with a new VAG part and checked all hoses in the area for signs of any cracking. [ATTACH=CONFIG]68610[/ATTACH] Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Luke.
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