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  1. Late Mk3's suffered the worse. Early ones more on par with the mk2. They are terrible cars though compared to the mk2, mk4 is even worse.
  2. Disconnect the oxygen sensor at the rectangle connector that sits on top of the rear engine mount. If it runs better then that's your problem. Bear in mind that the oxygen sensor doesn't come into play until the engine is warmed up to around 80 degrees so wont be affect anything when cold.
  3. That may well happen one day lol. That coupe on swapz wasn't red by any chance, and on there a couple of years ago?
  4. Rust is generally what kills them, especially the lower rear quarters. I was just looking for a daily to have some fun with and have always wanted a Fiat Coupe, but only the 20v turbo. Cost me £1000 and another £500 to get it on the road so very much bottom of the barrel stuff. Body wise it's rough but mechanically it's spot on and carries a very safe and reliable 300bhp. The one I have had a new engine off a crate from Fiat 30k ago, that was the main reason I bought it. It does handle like an old fiat though and nowhere near the sharpness of the Corrado. The noise though. The time to buy one is now, a bit like the Corrado.
  5. It's only really the front subframe and axle that are different on the VR, they all use the A2 platform underneath the panels. The article in general is a bit 'primary school' considering who it's written by. It sort of trying to project that the VR is somehow more evolved or better when it isn't really.
  6. Decent wee article, even though I don't like TG. Although I don't know what they mean by saying the non VR6 models are 'basically mk2 Golfs'.
  7. I bought a Fiat Coupe Turbo in the summer to use while the G60 is being restored. So that's my daily winter hack just now. But what a machine, you think a VR6 sounds and goes good, they haven't got anything on the Lancia 5 pot fitted in these!!
  8. Just checked mine, the 45 degree angle goes to the master.
  9. I fitted a HEL clutch line direct from HEL on my G60 and it goes straight from the master to the slave mate. Was about £30
  10. I'd be surprised if it made 10k at auction.
  11. They are glued to the screen in most cases.
  12. Mk1 Golf 1.3c 1981 in Pargas blue. it had a few scrapes and bangs but the shell was minted. Paid £38.50 for it in 1999. Well the owner said I could have it if I fitted a new exhaust to his Type 2 camper and that was the total price of it. It didn't run well due to the classic corroded filler neck contaminating the fuel system with crap. I ran it for 2 months with a jerry can under the bonnet before fixing it.
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