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G-Lader Race Intake

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So, this is something I've slowly been building ideas for and wanting to get sorted for a while.


Everything has been about done for G60 tuning, but while we want to keep it alive we want to keep things moving as much as we can as seen as it may have all be done, it quickly stopped in the 90's and hasn't followed with the times.


This meant we wanted to offer a good quality induction kit for the G-Lader that would offer both performance increases & maximum protection for the charger so you can enjoy that iconic noise without risking the service life


While doing this I realise that most owners now also want to be able to show off their engine bay with top quality products that don't just work well, they look the part in any bay. Be it performance or show.


Which led me to creating something a bit different just to keep things fresh.


The kit consists of a flange that bolts to the charger inlet that is a fully CNC component. The elbow is a 90' elbow hand welded to the V-band clamp that is then sealed to the charger inlet by means of a rubber gasket.


The air filter is a full paper filter so will perform as good as the factory airbox and filter for stopping dust & dirt passing in to the charger while also allowing a lot more air to pass through as there's no airbox to restrict air flow.


I will be looking to make a heat shield for those who want to add that little extra to keep intake temps as low as possible. These will be a little longer in production just down to the different models we're having to cater for.


Right now we're just waiting on the silicone joiner for the air filter to hard pipe to be produced then we will have full kits for testing and shortly for sale afterwards.


I'm estimating the full kit to come out at around £150, but we might be able to bring this down a little yet. If demand seems decent then we'll certainly be able to drop it.


I'm more than welcome to thoughts on the design too :)







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Interesting write up on this your "new" product Matt. What performance increase have you established with this induction kit? Have you run before and after power stats?My own Corrado in 16VG60 form ran 300bhp on a stock air filter and twin feed airbox. I am intrigued by what this intake brings to the G60 engine. So many simillar products have been offered and very few offer real performance gains, moreover, they are a styling excercise offering an induction downgrade. This could be read and misunderstood, but please don't, I am a genuinely intrigued, fellow G60 specialist of some 20+ years wanting to share your excitement over your latest product.

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Thanks lad, we are still doing this.


The silicone supplier who made our custom OCD logo's has just gone AWOL though :(


We're currently setting up a new premises too which has eaten a huge amount of time, but next year is looking like only getting bigger and better :D



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