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That Rado...........

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WELL..im back new motor and new project....

this one is a keeper i have always liked vw's and i really cant be arsed to buy / sell any more cars.... so this one is here to stay, i do have some long term projects in mind for it , it wont be totally mint like concours but it will be tidy daily driver standard, not sure if it will be good enough to show but il like it all the same....



as with any project i undertake time and money hold them up so i will update this as much as i can along the way....



i have gone for a

volkswagen corrado vr6

colour is blackberry

2.9 12v v6

AUTO!!!!!! (ahem this will change in the future..)


it is quite special really as it has electric heated leather recaro's from new...optional extra im lead to believe at the time i have also heard storys of insurance claims writing the cars off due to them being £4000 each to replace!! lol


it has the same spec as the storm model but it is a nicer colour and has the nicer interior... so in my opinion a better and nicer buy than a storm...


its just coverd 107,000 miles and has full anally retentive service history with a box binder abosolutly bursting with recipts etc etc


the body is quite tidy for the year and mileage and the interior again is tidy , i would like to spend some time on this later in the project getting it how i like it...


il post some pics up later on so you can see what its like cheers






anyways here are a few pics of the sale adverts...


















so that was the sale pics not great but you get the idea.....




i guess at this point i could tell you the difference between my car and the storm.


as i believe it the storm was a limited edition run of 500 cars, 250 were blue and 250 were green...

the blue storm had black leather while the green had beige leather



both cars were heated leather seats and that is the main difference... the only other spec difference is the strom badge on the rear of the car and a storm badge on the centre console.....the vr6 badge on the fornt and rear were chrome.


that is the complete difference between the corrados standard models and the storm...so it is possible to get a better specced corrado than a storm!! weird huh?





i like the way the standard car looks it has unusual lines and i think it is quite definitive in its age, there arnt too many around now and you really dont see them very often on the road, it is said that the corrado never really took off and was a vw flop but many many people disagree it handles superbly and the quality of the doors shutting and bonnet the interior really is very good, esp for a car of this age, the dissapointing factor of these cars is the performance... ok they are old they are fairly quick nothing like most cars of todays standards, they have a 2.9 12v v6 engine you would expect more horse power.... these only push out 190 bhp?????


crap really, they should of had a (schrick) vsr inlet manifold from the factory but volkswagen moved to opt out of this due to manufacturing costs so they sold the rights to schrick hence the name... this is basically variable valve timing for the vw!! similar to hondas version... this improves horse power and torque across the rev range and makes a very nice difference


on all models air con and headlight washers were optional....




i bought these wheels before i picked the car up and i still think they are old but kinda cool looking.... retro cool....


these are also supposed to be quite rare as they are 5 stud fitment for vw.


Borbet A's


fronts are 16 x 7.5

rears are 16 x 9







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so along with the coilovers i had just purchased




and the wheels...




i have this car p.c to fit...




this car p.c has a 8" touch screen

an 80G Hdd

cd/dvd re-writer



engine diagnostics

etc etc


it is full windows xp operating system and runs street deck software...


i had this installed in my previous car and it really is awesome....


this is the screen..






here are a couple of pics of the day i drove it back...







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the interior is pretty grubby and needs desperatly a deep clean...carpets door cards everything etc etc etc


i set out straight away cleaning this is how far i got lol you can just see a clean/dirty line just above the interior door pull...




got bored real quick of doing this and thought as everything is going to get dirty anyway due to all the work ive got planned


i couldnt wait and started stripping the dash etc so i could see how im going to fit this centre console...


dash stripped of switches










with the centre console removed i started to cut and file it so i could get the screen in






as you can see in this i have stripped a lot of the plastic out i have removed the original radio slot and most of the ashtray plastics the heater controls have been removed and need to be re-located further down.




this is the look i was trying to go for




the screen and heater controls are just rested into position




with this knocked up i opted for a dummy run



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pretty excited at this stage just want to get it in and up and running, now starts the headache of trying to work out how this is actually going to fit together and have some sort of permant fixture in the car.....




after all of about 5 min of thinking about this out came the filler............






as you can see in this pic i have tried to mask out the illumination controls so i dont loose them with all the filler etc etc








as you can see i have come across a problem already...in order to get it all to sit right and be original looking as possible i am going to loose the heater control illuminations............AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH REALLY DIDNT WANT TO DO THIS BUT THINKING ABOUT IT THE HEATER CONTROL ILLUMINATION IS REALLY CRAP on the corrado as is all the interior illumination so i guess il just roll with it and see how it goes il loose the illumination and sort something out later...





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after lots of wet and dry in the bath it now looks like this...
















this is the last time i prepped the console i got it as smooth as i possibly could and as im no body work specialist i thought it was ok butr needed perfecting...




i then took it to PPI in milber and got them to textur paint it and colour it so it looked original


here is how it turned out.



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with the screen and heater controls in position








so after getting this back and taking all these pics i decided i wasnt very happy with the way it has turned out......



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i do not like the buldgey line that goes around the out side of the screen i think it looks ASSSSS so i gave it back and see what they could do...


unfortunatly here is where we got our wires crossed and the next version of it i do not have any pics as it didnt leave the shop... the slanted edges that tilt intowards the screen they filled flat!!!!! :shock: i have to say i was gutted due to all the work that had gone into it so i have left it with them to sort...


i did go in and file the edges back down and i have left it to them to sort out the corners as i really want the edges to slant into the screen as it looks so much better than just being a rectangle hole being cut out....



while all this is going on i turned my attention the something else as i had the dash already stripped out i thought i just as well try and sort the switches out a quick trawl around various forums etc and Maplins in Exeter i got hold of some LED's...






out came the **** green led's and in went the super bright red led's






a pic of the inside of the switch




this is a comparison between the red and green led's...




as you can see the green is really ****.


i do have a small probel with the heated seat switch as i cant get it to illuminate very brightly at all no matter what i try...




standard led's are 20 micro candles...

super bright led's are 100 micro candles...

the red led's cost .39 pence each....


so a very cheap but effective mod...


i thought id continue it thoughout the car...





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next mod was to sort out the instrument cluster...

i really like the red led's in the switches they are now the same as the newer golf's/polo's audi's etc the next thing is to carry out the reverse lcd mod this is when you change the colour of the lcd and reverse the digits from being black to whatever colour you like... in my case red...

normally the trip computer bit would shine green and the digits would be black but now i want mine to be black but the digits to be red.....


il show you...

first thing to do is take out the instrument cluster...(note the colour of the digits)


then litterally strip it down take the casing off etc just to reveal the board in side


please note this board has been partially converted, the lcd on the left has had the reversal work done, the lcd on the right is totally standard.

here is a close up of the standard lcd


on all lcd's there is a polarising filter all that is needed to be done is to take this filter off. get a stanly knife blade do not cut or break this filter. gently slide blade under filter and lift off it is quite tough as it is stuck down peel it off and then remove any glue with alcohol based solution make sure this is clean, now with all glue residue removed simply turn it upside down and place on the lcd!! you will see that it has turned black.

like this.


again the difference between the two


underneath the lcd is a colour filter mine was green i just got a plastic red file and cut around the old filter and replaced it with the new one..

with it all put back together it looks like this...


massive differnce i like it and again it is the same as the new audi's etc

this mod cost me £1 for the plastic file and i got 5 in a pack!!!

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next up was the instrument illumination...

sometime in the future i would like to purchase some DDI dials they are reverse lit speedo heads black white numbers but glow up at night... look good, i have the orange needles in my car they have a white backing and with the DDI dials they look awesome so i thought i would get some UV (ultra violet) led's to show the needles up even more, there are loads of different ways of doing this but i wanted easy so i just got the bulbs and relavent resistors and set about it....

here we have a 5mm uv (ultra violet) bulb and 300 ohm resistor


i then took the original bulb holder out of the pod


i always use the longer leg on the led as the positive leg...


got to keep it nice and tight so it all fits in the original bulb holder


the result is this this is one bulb and it takes three......


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got to say this does look a bit **** in the pics...and well it is.lol it is o.k but need s to be brighter this will shine once fitted with the DDI dials....





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so with the centre console still not finished and all the dash switch gear finished and not really much else going on i thought it would be rude not to lower the car......

took it to work and used the high tec ramp..




a forklift is a handy thing!!!!!





got the wheels on eventually....

as stated before the fronts are 7.5" wide and the rears are 9" wide.......

quite wide in fact got a few rubbing issues but i rekkon i can sort it....






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after fitting the wheels i took it up to PPI to get them to have a look at the paint etc just to mint it

this is what they did to the car.....

all the yellow is aera's with either a chip , dent, scratch, or modification....








oh and dont for get the kin roof!!!!!!!!!!!!


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the list i have decided on is....

remove rear badges and emblems keep it smooth but retain the side panel joins to look original as poss

re-paint bumper

remover side repeaters

colour code door handles

fit T4 vent in drivers side front wing

cut out front number plate surround plastic weld flush and fill smooth front bumper leaving lights indictors and fogs where they are.

remove washer jets off of bonnet.

remove side rubbing strips

repaint mirrors

basically paint the whole car apart from roof and tailgate.

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to get the look im after i had to roll the arches or so i thought.

i hired the arch rolling machine frmo wheel power in torquay £25v for the week, got it home took it to garage and tried to fit it , some numpty bollocks had wound it up so tight to the hub on thier car it had squashed the bolt holes so you couldnt get the bolts in!!!!

what a ****er so i spent ages filing it out so it was useable...

any way this went from bad to worse...........


we love arch rolling especially when it cracks the paint!!



we love arch rolling even more when it doesnt even roll the arch!!! the metal is sooooo god damn thick on the back of the rado it just wouldnt play ball....


the machine left the arches distorted and with cracked paint i was so overjoyed..................



i must say i did heat the metal up it was in a warm garage etc etc it just didnt work for me....

anyway while it was there i decided to get rid of the rubbing strips...



this left loads of ganky **** stuck to the doors and i had to use one of these to get it off



this was all good until i found out that the passenger side had been painted before and whoever painted it once it had been laqured it cant have been left to go hard because the sticky strip had eaten its way into the laquer andc left what looked like blisters all the way down the door plus the laquer had come off too.........

so as you can imagine i was relativly ****ed off by this point......




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arch pulling was next on the adgenda..............

this was a little daunting as i wasnt sure how this was going to turn out. as it happens Ben at PPI is a kin ledgend!!!!!


we just lowerd the car and he made them fit .............




looking mean as hell here just a little worried now as to how low the front is gonna be...............



so the idea behind all this is to make it look as stock as possible so this is a nice subtle mod, the bumper actually sticks out on both side of the car at the rear by about 1/2 - 3/4" so it made sence to make the arches flush with this... i can get my wheels on and the car still look cool...........

these are the bogging up pics...

**** myself when i saw this for the first time as it looks like there is a lot of filler there.....




starting to take shape now..


the arches are almost done they are in black primer now as ben wanted to get that bit sorted before christmas...



as you can see the bumper sits flush on both sides and it still looks stock...........

i cant wait to see it in the flesh....

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we have an update on the centre console!!!!

this is how it is currently looking... the paint finish is a lot finer and the shape is sooooo much better, i requaested that a perspex sheet be installed just under the heater controls

1) this tidys it up a bit

2)i can put some light in the top to illuminate the cubby hole underneath!!



hopefully the black coating on this is thin enough for me to use EL paper behind the heater controls to illuminate the display....

EL is electro luminessant paper it is what is used on most modern cars now as a form of lighting very bright lasts a very long time and is the thickness of paper....


the console need just a little more work until it is completed but it is getting there!!

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again as im just waiting for bits to be done i cant help but fiddle with stuff so the headlights were taken out as they have to be (these will be replaced in time with projector style lamps)

i thought id give them a clean up and add a slight mod...

anybody who knows corrado's knows there headlights are crap really crap..

these have just been taken from the car



with flash


removed lens and glad i did it was minging............


once in side the headlights , the reflectors arnt too bad but they are very fragile.. the chrome stuff comes off by just touching it lightly, so had to be a bit carful here...

the pic below shows the spot beam and part of the main headlight, im looking at the line that goes between to make them look seperate....


so with a bit of permanent marker jiggery pokery i got a good result...





not much of a mod but it does look different i think it will look smart once on the car....


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little update...

took the rear spoiler to john hooper ..KILLER PAINT over in Dawlish he is awesome very well priced and his work is just simply stunning....

i had an idea that i fancied putting a chequerd flag over the spolier and having it ghosted on and thats what i got!

the pictures dont do it justice at all!!!

these pics are a bit weird it must be the light they were taken in or something...

in some angles and certain lights you cant see it at all but in others it really stands out, but the pics i have taken dont do it justice i had the flash on and it really isnt that white at all.....

it looks like this is most case's.. but does dissapear..




as soon as you add the flash it goes a bit weird.......





i have another spoiler, and since i picked this up yesterday i have had another idea...(its not the most original idea as peopl ehave had different variants of this)

same colour , blackberry, but in random places the paint flaking off revealing underneath iron/steel plates rusty rivets or the old white washed metal panels showing some old sign writing of some sort they airbrush guy suggested something like old german writing or an old esso or shell sign but making that look old and faded even flaking off in places but not have all of this showing because the blackberry has been painted on the top.

he also said maybe a fun element by writing volkswagen scirrocco with the emblem again all faded or something as the corrado sort of replaced it?? maybe people would get it but im not sure...


any ideas on this peeps as id like some thoughts before going ahead and getting this done.....

john hooper killer paint painted my spoiler nice chap and very reasonably priced....

this costed £75. of the queens finest sterling...... :wink:

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i have also taken the front wheels off, removed the tyres and now they are ready for polishing, im going to have the lips polished and then the wheels painted to match the car ....

i think it will look sweeeeetttt

need to lower the front

i measured it today the rear is

from top of arch to floor 22"

top of arch to centre hub 11"

front is about the same coming in at 22.5" frmo top of arch to floor

i need to drop the fron about 1" maybe 1.5" if i can get away with it...

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couple little pics of some items i have started to collect...




storm single wiper conversion ,looks bloody good quality in the kit, doesnt look to bad to fit either... must get the washer jets that go on the wipers themselves,as im removing the bonnet washer jets

chrome door pulls this just makes the interior look a little more modern and gives it a little extra touch

short black chrome bee sting aerial much neater than the original

some powerflex bushes and exhaust rubbers...



just waiting on

T4 wing vent

auto car bra

bonnet washer jets

DDI dials

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dropped past killer paint today and had a look at the second spoiler...

looks good!!








i rekkon it would have looked awesome if i had nearly all of it done in metal plating and just a little paint??

but still ...looks good though eh!

thanks john


very impressed with his work and the price is nothing to be grumbled at at all!!!

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rear drivers quarter being prepped had 3 little parking dents...

doesnt show now though?? weird no filler either?

unless because the paint is flat it doesnt reflect the light the same???





started to strip down the taqil gate today removed the tail gate lights nnumber plate surround and number plate lights

also removed was the wiper arm and mechanism








thats all i managed today, not much i know but apparently they are going to hit it hard from monday... got to weld up the badge holes and side repeaters etc etc

it might start to take shape next week!!

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