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13th November 2010, The "what I did to my Corrado today" thread...

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Past few days:


Dropped the subframe and gave it a damn good clean.

Fitted some powerflexed wishbones.

I stripped down my leaking steering rack and rebuilt it with all new seals, greased it up and fitted new genuine vw rack boots and uj boot (no vw specific tools were required for the rebuild!)

Also fitted a powerflex steering rack mount.

Flushed steering system out with new vw fluid and filled up with new vw steering fluid.

Re-fitted subframe, rack and wishbones. (car on axle stands and i was out in the dark with a howling wind, not fun)

Adjusted the sterring racks tension.

Fitted some new genuine vw cv boots.

Tweaked up the rear bearings after a few thou miles of use.


The steering rack looked to be only a few years old and was in mint condition internally. It looks as if the previous owner or rack fitter didn't use vw specific fluid in it which might be the cause of the seals failing. The steering now feels as good as new.


PASSED MOT TODAY 1st time and 0 advisories :clap: i should flippin hope so too. :lol:



p.s. I really enjoyed watching the car come backwards off the rollers when he pulled on the handbrake. My previous brake refurb, pads and cables has worked a treat. :grin:

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