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  1. everyone always says they'll never sell. I did, and after 2 years sold the VR6 and went for a Z3 M Coupe. A different class
  2. That's right, they apparnetly will hit the ton in 11.6secs, with 60 coming up in a rapid 4.3!! It's not just the speed and the power of them though, they really do feel like a driver's car. Have heard a few horror stories about their handling in the wet, but again it adds to the appeal. Rather like the earlier rwd 911 turbos....
  3. Had a drive in the above last night, and i'm giving myself a couple of months before i have one on the drive! Absolutely awesome cars, by far and away the best car i've ever driven- way better than a Skline GTR or 964 Turbo 2. (Or as good as!!!) Went like stink, and i just love the whole rear wheel drive thing and that sort of handling. When your pushing it hard you really can feel all that power at the rear trying to overtake you.... what a car. Definitely hooked
  4. Just to add salt to the wound, as i went to pick it up from the windscreen shop this morning, as i was reversing out I didnt see a small bollard so the driver side front wing is scratched and dented now. Want to crawl under a rock and cry. Absolutely gutted
  5. Cheers lads- Autoglass quoted me £393 for the replacement passenger side window glass :? Have gone with National Windscreens who are charging £175 which includes keeping the car over night since they don't stock the glass. Sadly the radio was not a face off- it was one of those Sony Active Black ones which hasd a motorised face. Was meaning to change it.....such is life. I was mad as I had parked it 100m up the street, if it had been next to my flat, I most probably would've heard the alarm going off and gone out with a baseball bat. Pikey bar stewards have also stolen the ashtray- perhaps because there was 50p in it??? Corradowales if you have a centre console which is up for grabs, please let me know. Cheers
  6. Didn't last long at my new address in Clapham.... little scumbags smashed into it last night for the stereo. Not so concerned about the stereo (even though it was a good one) but really unhappy that they have completely wrecked the interior of the car. All the centre console trim has been broken so the car is a mess..... :( Not happy...... time to put a wanted message for a new centre console
  7. Saw a Sherry Red VR6 parked outside the Weyside Pub in Guildford last night.... Abyone?
  8. Was so Pi"$ed off when they did that today. Was almost pulling my hair out!
  9. Does anyone know the part number for the correct oil filter for the VR6? I've seen in the search that there are 3 types- don't want to go and get the wrong one. Also how much oil will i need? Is it 6.5litres? Many thanks (oh yeah- can you get the filters from Halfords, or do they just sell crap)
  10. I stupidly took mine to Eaton Square Motors in the smartest area of London , thinking it would sail through... They nailed me for handbrake cables (didn't feel slack at all to me) and charged 160 to do it. Bloody £75 an hour labour.... cheeky bar stewards
  11. Green H reg G60 going over Putney Bridge at about 6pm last night..... tried to catch up in the next lane but you went right as you got to the lights and i headed down the high street
  12. Around town (London!!) I get about 17mpg. On a recent trip up to Manchester i got 33mpg
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