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  1. Registered the daily & my in laws live in Leeds so no excuse!
  2. Hey ther I've currently got a VR6 I use daily Long as you keep them regularly maintained can be abit juicey (VR induction roar) There's a Northants meet every Sunday at the lakeside were there's afew corrados that attend I try to attend as much as possible too
  3. Welcome to Corrado ownership Looks lovely & clean Always wanted a red Corrado
  4. Bally

    Ballys 16v

    Hi guys Thought I'd update this thread with my current daily a satin silver VR6 which I bought from Glasgow about 5months ago... After having a heavily modified Bora TDI which I was great car after 6yrs I was board needing a fun daily as I also own a Mk5 TDI as well so after not being able to sell the Bora i broke it for parts... Then the search began.... Couldn't help but buy another Corrado whilst my aqua Blue ones being rebuilt (12 yrs ownership) I bought this on 144k & was pretty much standard bar a miltek & a few other mods The rest is all my doing! Can't help myself just brings a smile on my face it's no show car just a fun daily! could do with a repspray which is on the to do list.. Driven it to Holland back in July such great feeling to jump in a Corrado & feel 21 again 😎
  5. Good to see you back! I too bought another Corrado about 5months ago as a daily with 144k a VR6 from Scotland.. Still own the blue 16v one which is stripped & being rebuilt (12yrs ownership) being back in another one is great!!
  6. As above after a set of leak free fk or Weitec Coilovers Adjusters must be free no crazy prices Can collect Milton Keynes / Midlands / Leeds area PM me
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