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  1. cheers for the replies. I'll give it all some thought. Thanks for the heads up about Facebook, I have exchanged a few messages with him now about the car.
  2. Hi Dox. Do you know the car?
  3. Hi. Hope it’s ok to put this here. I was on here a few years ago with my previous car, (L928DNP) which I sold and as far as I know, is parked up waiting to be restored. I’m thinking of getting back into a Rado and have seen one, L464GYT. Link here: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202212182607603?advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=PE109EG&model=Corrado&page=1&aggregatedTrim=VR6&make=Volkswagen&year-to=2022&include-delivery-option=on&sort=relevance just wondering if anyone knows of the car? Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi there, is your vr6 still for sale?




  5. Hi. I'm just north of peterborough, in a place called glinton. I'm out between about 1 and 6.30, but you can come any side of that if its any good?

  6. Hello , could I view the corrado today ? Regards

  7. For one week only, untill next sat 16th July, I'll take £1900 no offers. Next Saturday I'm putting the car into (deep) storage and it may not come out to sometime. I'd like it to go to an enthusiast, that's why I'm not going to go down the eBay/pistonheads route. Cheers.
  8. Forgot to say in advert. The new parts include two new front tyres and new shocks ( bilsteins ), including bilstein bump stops all round.
  9. Hi. Thanks for your interest. Yeah, its still for sale. Let me know if you want to pop over for a look sometime.
  10. [ATTACH]84068[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84069[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84070[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84073[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84074[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84075[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84076[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84077[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84078[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84078[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84079[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84080[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84081[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84082[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84083[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84084[/ATTACH][ATTACH]84085[/ATTACH] For sale is my 1994 VR6. I have had this about 18 months and ideally would like to keep it. But, a new car order means i need my garage back. Its an honest car with stacks of history, including all but 1 mot certificate. It is 22 years old though, so isn't perfect. The sunroof doesn't work-broken mechanism and nor does the abs-not sure why, but is more serious than just a wheel sensor. The bodywork is acceptable, but would benefit from a respray long term, over the years it has obviously had a few minor repairs. There is an area of rust on the rear wheel arch that will need attention sooner rather than later though as it has cracked the paint. I haven't stripped it back yet, but it looks to me like it may need fresh metal welding in. It also has a battety drain, i'm 99% certain, through some fault finding i have done that its the electric window module which is at fault. The car has never let me down though and pretty much flew through its last mot, next one due in november. Over the winter i spent £700ish on various new front end parts, including all new bushes/drop links etc, front calipers and hoses, front tyres, engine mounts and front wheel bearings. I would describe this as a good useable project. I'm sure if i write loads, i'll still miss something. So, if anyone is interested then message me and I'll answer as best i can. I'm totally honest with any faults and judging the condition of the car. I do have the option to keep it in another garage. But, if it goes in there, it may never come out! As its not close to my home and my work schedule means i'll never have time to go over it, thats why i'm advertising it. Ideally i want it to go to an enthusiast that will continue to work on it as i have started to. I'm just outside of Peterborough and i want £2500. Any feedback good or bad is welcomed. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  11. 0055gee

    L928 dnp

    Hi, as per the (hopefully) revised title, I will be putting the corrado up for sale soon. I don't really want to, but I have ordered a new car and have to start making room. Will be putting a full ad up soon, but in the mean time, if anyone knows of anyone that wants a good straight corrado that needs a little tlc, or can be used as is, get in touch.
  12. Mine was the same when I put it all back together. I was a bit worried as I hadn't noticed a gap before I took it all to bits, but then I saw I had 6-8mm when i put it all back on. I did a lot of googling and found that this just seems to be how it can be. I have seen a few since then and they all seem to have a gap. I've done about 400-500 miles since then with no issues, so hopefully it should all be ok.
  13. 0055gee

    L928 dnp

    Ha. Yeah, seems like a long time since i sorned it in November. Do you use yours all year?
  14. 0055gee

    L928 dnp

    Pretty much finished putting it all back together today. It doesn't look muchn in the pic, but it was alot of work to get it to that stage. I completely removed all components in the arch and replaced/repaired them all. I've also done both engine mounts and the gearbox mount. Had to make up a new copper brake pipe, due to one of the old ones snapping when i went to get the old hose off. Bled both the front brakes, solely using a vacuum pump. Got good feel from the pedal, but the abs appears to be totally dead, as there is no priming noise when the ignitions turned on. I haven't really looked into it to much yet. Tomorrow i'm going to bleed the pump to see if this helps. But, when i road test it, if the brakes feel ok then i probably wont worry about it to much for now. Would there be any reason why it has to be fully working if the brakes feel ok? The light wasnt working correctly when i took it for an mot in november, so i just pulled the lamp unit out and used a dash blank in its place, but i'm pretty certain i did used to get the priming noise. I want it taxed and ready to use from 1st march, so hopefully the brakes will be ok.
  15. Anyone got any ideas before i bolt it all back together as is?
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