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  1. part number refers to mk3 golf / vento will probably have been fitted to corrado as i would assume vw just fitted what was available during build.
  2. Hello Cressa. Can i ask which additive did you use - there are plenty out there no doubt some are good and do what they say while others are rubbish Where i live we get super unleaded not super plus and i have noticed the labels on the pump show it has the same ethanol content as plain unleaded As you my car is in storage for the winter and i generally only use it for a weekend blast and in the last 2 years i dont think it has done 1000 miles i generally start it once a week to let it idle to temperature (if it sits more than 10-14 days it will not start with a flat battery) Keen to start using an additive.
  3. i wish there was an easy answer to this - we all need to find good parts hopefully at realistic prices. would hate to see it open up like ebay - lots of s*it parts at unrealistic prices If it can be open to past members i am all for it i look through all the local ads etc to try to find those elusive parts
  4. The car looks absolutely amazing - would love to have a drive in it !!
  5. i would not even give £12,50 for that never mind £12500
  6. i will see if i can help - will be the weekend as car is now in storage and i go up on sat/sun to start it
  7. ger040

    4 cylinder subframes

    Strange that as i would have thought all rear beams would be the same for all 4 cylinders all rear beams eventually look like they have been siting at the bottom of the sea but they are a serious chunk of steel and should clean up ok No problem with the front subframe
  8. ger040

    4 cylinder subframes

    Hello Keyo i have a front sub frame of a 92 9a valver - to be honest i have not really looked at it if you want i will get it out and see how it looks
  9. jesus i believe the world is going mad Why are none runners, vandalised and project cars selling for the similar money as road going cars There is a good chance that this car could be an absolute basket case especially if it is a stolen recovered car is it a catgorised car?? i must admit i would buy it just for the seats not so keen on the wheels tbh pity about the bonnet not being open - what are the chances of there not being a vr6 engine under there ?? just a vw 1.9d thrown in What are the rules with copart if the car is not what it is supposed to be?? anyone bidding on this car should see it in the flesh first before bidding any serious money
  10. just noticed the number plate has issac agnew on it - a vw dealer here in belfast
  11. Cut this of a shell today - may be of use to someone outer skin has no rot only minor surface rust in tiny areas £35 plus £10 postage Sorry but postage is now daylight robbery from this side of the irish sea
  12. Any time you see something dont be afraid to ask - where was the body kit listed - facebook?? The days of bullet proof engines are long gone all manufacturers now once out of warranty do not want to know - is this the new norm what ever happened to good customer service - that incident you refer to is an absolute disgrace and the dealer / ford should be ashamed
  13. Hello Keyo - sorry to hear about your van Are these engines referred to as wet belt engines ?? and if so they have got a very bad reputation see youtube. As far as i can see at the moment its pure luck with regards to vans - you either get a good one or an absolute basket case
  14. I am sure you are aware there is a UK Corrado Storm at the vw museum - something to be proud about!!
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