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  1. Very interesting - i am sure you have some stories are you still with VW?
  2. Nice work there Keyo - absolute bargain on the Bilsteins
  3. Yes and again thanks for your help!!
  4. Forgot to add as i was driving in another corrado was just leaving a VR6 - first one i have seen this year.
  5. car went for mot tonight and brakes were perfect not a problem just shows even new / refurbished items can be faulty Thanks all for your help, After all that the car still failed its MOT - defective front lower ball joint - This car has covered less than 2000 miles since a complete suspension refurbishment - the only thing i did not check over the weekend was the front end !
  6. I have changed the rear calipers for a 3rd set , bled them - and now the handbrake is finally pulling up square Just took the car out and gave the brakes an absolute hammering to the point where i can smell them Will see how it goes on Monday
  7. Poor Rear brakes Poor handbrake
  8. Thanks for your reply This is driving me nuts my mot is due on monday evening - there is no chance of me getting another set of calipers in time i may have another set of secondhand untested ones in a shed - i will get them out and fit them and see what happens Thanks again your help is much appreciated­čĹŹ
  9. Hello Dragon Green Got back to this broke the rear flexis where they connect to the calipers and pressing the brake pedal there is fluid at both calipers
  10. be prepared for the import tax also
  11. Just sorting out a few niggles with my car and this has just started When engaging reverse it kind of half hops out again although it is still engaged and sometimes after after using reverse it does not want to come out i.e it take 2 hands to pull it out not all the time though. So i assume it needs the linkages adjusted - i see a previous thread on it with kevin bacon giving a insight on how to correct the linkage - my question is on the gearbox the tower on the g60 is slightly different to the vr6 - Before i start loosening stuff is there anything i should be aware of. Thanks
  12. i will give it a go - will be a day or two
  13. Thanks Shaun This has baffled me to be honest - these were a new / refurbed set of calipers which replaced a set of mk3 vr6 low mileage callipers with the same problem The handbrake cables are new also Could it be air in the system?
  14. Thanks for the reply Dragon Green Maybe i am being stupid here but with the handbrake not being equal (not pulling up square on both sides) surely this in turn puts the foot brake operation out too. i.e one side will be better than the other Jesus my mk2 16v was simple compared to this
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