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  1. both cars look fantastic - a real credit to you i did not think you could get insurance to that value to be totally honest - well done i attempted to carry out some welding on my mk2 today and gave up after 6 bloody hours just could not get it right - either not enough penetration or it was blowing holes i just cut everything out again and vw's waxol alternative did not help as soon as i applied heat out it came
  2. Seems to be normal when fitting replacement screens - get as much sealant as possible onto the frame fit the screen and as a result you will find the A pillar trims and head lining plastic strip are bonded to the screen also!!
  3. ger040

    Battery drain

    i dont know to be honest - my car did have an after market alarm / immobiliser fitted but had partially disconnected and i removed the remaining during a tidy up
  4. ger040

    Battery drain

    my car does this as well
  5. 993 my ultimate porsche just the right size - unlike todays 911 which are huge in comparison Many years ago i spoke to a porsche fanatic who was having to give up ownership due to marriage and children told me that if you get the chance to buy one take it as you will not regret it if you are into fast cars (dont know if that true about the 996 or early 997 though)
  6. astra gte - i had a mk1 in the early 90's - a very good car which i thought had a brilliant driving position - felt like you were sitting on the ground. The throttle response was fantastic due to it being a very early system compared to a mk2 golf digifant. Rust was taking a serious hold of it and it had to go
  7. yes i remember these cars - did the renault 16v have a bonnet scoop?? these were very quick cars in their day but i did not like the dash at the time. like all hot hatches as they became cheap they were thrashed to death and now all previous owners would like to own one again. seen one advertised a while back as a resto project but it needed serious body work and i would assume body panels are hard to find for these cars
  8. ger040

    Massive fail.

    very common on all mk2 golfs and jettas i had the same issue - i tried a so called heat / high temp adhesive cant remember the name lasted only a couple of months and was worse than when i first attempted to repair, i think most people now use a substitute material - suede., alcantara etc and if reusing the original backing but it is essential that all traces of the previous adhesive are removed. to me is sounds that the trimmer has used the wrong adhesive to be honest - no doubt it will be your fault as you needed to tell him what adhesive to use!! by the way is the replacement fibreglass base a good fit seen them advertised on ebay as we are all aware the original crumbles as you remove it.
  9. i would think you are going to need to get a known working standard g60 ecu and have a basic set up carried out the running issues may be down to other items
  10. Cant believe it DOX, Took the bleed nipple completely out put a few turns of PTFE tape reinstalled a hey presto NO BUBBLES as you say vacuum yes positive pressure no THANKS
  11. i will try it and see
  12. strange its only the rear drivers side the reservoir is 28 years old and is cloudy so cant really see things inside.
  13. pedal feels good always has. i will give it another hour this evening see how it goes
  14. seems to taking a lot of time and wasting a lot of fluid yes its the drivers side rear too
  15. using a sealy 820 clutch and brake bleeding kit Has a internal hand pump i boost to 1-1,5 bar
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