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  1. Looks a very good example there someone has put a lot of effort in that one for sure i am not a great lover of the bbs splits to be honest in general - to much effort to clean and maintain Dubshed is the biggest VAG show here with plenty of cars from all over the island turning up (no show last year and i doubt one this year also with the covid nightmare) Plenty of trailer queens also with some owners with deep pockets
  2. thanks philly for the link there actually is a difference in duration i thought the difference was only in the block
  3. Is there any difference in golf and corrado vr6 cams Part numbers show a different figure at the end
  4. i had a look at one several weeks ago and completely agree on the alloys - look a bit naff to be honest everyone is just waiting on the R as far as i can see cant help but think the gti will be in its shadow for the foreseeable future
  5. why ?? for not that much more you would be able to buy a running driving car at least?? maybe he or she has seen it in the flesh and know its a decent car
  6. Thats a good tip there - have not seen that before by the way owning old vw's can drive us all to drink!!
  7. at a guess to create some type of membrane - the entire underside of your car to help keep the dreaded salt at bay??
  8. Been looking at that car on ebay myself - curious to see what it goes for You will need to see that car in the flesh before bidding as it could be an absolute rot box as you say keyo No idea of mileage , early vr6 seats also
  9. thanks starting to collect parts for a future project
  10. The seller is in the motor trade and had it for his own car that he had and its german !! Not very often you get anything corrado related for decent money these days!!
  11. got this sorted checked the usual and found a loose jubilee clip on the intercooler pipework - now a nice even idle A rare easy fix for a corrado
  12. pity the corrado vr6 is model specific for radiators - have not seen a top manufactured one (eg Hella) for long time new Plenty for the golf and even t4 van
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