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  1. looks fantastic 👍 - agree more oem than the schrick but i would not say no to the schrick👍
  2. as above 16v seat covers set of front seat covers (driver and passenger) complete will need a good clean but no holes or burn marks £50 plus £10 postage i also have the rears (no hump) also if interested
  3. i have a sebring g60 early model back box. i bought this many years ago See attached pictures cost £70 ono (this is less than half of what i paid for it) it appears to be stainless and has a few scrapes from storage etc Postage may be expensive due to its size / weight etc (£25?)
  4. Hopefully someone will come up with a solution with a repair kit of some form. Mine still works and i did strip and clean it with the correct lube etc but to me it still struggles and when i use it (once a year with our weather) i await the dreaded failure. One thing i did was to replace the rubber ends on the arms (im sure it was on this forum) to ensure the arms lift as they slide along the mechanism 9
  5. Thats rare - something for a corrado that is readily available and cheap enough!!
  6. try a bit of heat if there are no plastics etc in close proximity
  7. keyo its looks like you have ticked the entire corrado options list cant wait to see the progress with the build
  8. Grim reading indeed when you think of all the plastics / rubber in our cars fuel distribution system Reading on interesting to see synthetic fuels exploration (porsche). 9
  9. seen it ands in in my ebay watch list surprised it has not gone as it has been on a while - maybe its not a great duration as we all know most motorsport cams do not make great everyday road use
  10. audi 90 pre cat has a lovely noise from its 5 cylinders Always liked audi 80 sports from circ 1990
  11. Yes the Schrick cover would be nice but it would have to have a schrick camshaft also!!
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