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  1. that clips to the inner lower door frame - usually holds electrical wiring and central locking tubes and helps stop rattling when opening and closing doors
  2. looks superb - probably better than it left the assembly plant in the 90's 6 years - that sounds like me!
  3. fantastic line up mate Each morning i am ,sure you pause and say "which will i drive today" those cars are a credit to you - best of luck with them.
  4. i suppose so but the campaign will be for good weather use only i would assume - totally agree with mk2 golf and corrado as a nice duo ,
  5. that is a very good video - surprised the car has not gone pink as all vw red cars from that era, With regards to the corrado letting it go or not - tough decision as these cars have a habit of becoming part of you
  6. anything votex now is money now as said very rare now (golf owners used to call it SCENE TAX) and german ebay might be your best bet to find them The mk2 golf recaro to me are the most comfortable and the best recaro seats vw ever done - once you sit in them you will understand but keyo trying to find a good set will be a challenge - always preferred the edition 1 recaros with the blue cloth though
  7. on youtube the humble mechanic does a very good guide on chain replacement and setting timing on these engines i know very little about the vr6 but that gasket at the chain is a strange set up oh and forgot to say very nice work there
  8. car looks amazing keyo - best of luck with it pity the schrick is hidden below the bonnet and no one can see it! i have to say also the red vr6 badge is much better than the silver cant help but be really be drawn to it
  9. my car has the earlier type - appreciate if you could get the part number
  10. thanks fendervg. last night i fed into my computer the rhd part number and all that came back was nla the brembo one looks good and a decent manufacturer i will see if gsf have one - i think they are only supplying registered trade accounts only at the moment
  11. got this sorted today pressure bled the system today and still the same after a few moments clutch pedal dropped to the floor stripped the master cylinder of a parts car (9a) went to remove the cylinder from the g60 only to find its fixed using loose nuts/bolts pain to remove as one bolt was located behind the brake servo - the 9a one had threaded studs. connected everything up bled the system and perfect pedal operation - happy man again i would like to replace this 28 year old part with new but no rhd cylinders are available and online everywhere says nla. looking at pictures the lhd looks identical to rhd ? Does anyone know what the difference is?
  12. the metering head on the car is now gone kempy is it just where the lines connect to the metering head you need to know?
  13. Hello Fendervg. Funny you should bring it up about having a second person this evening i spoke to a vag tech from a local dealership who set the timing on this car and the first thing he said is these cars should be bled using a pressure bleeder as gravity bleeding or using the 2 man method is not ideal. He told me not to change anything else until the entire system has been pressure bled and luckily he has a vag one at home and has kindly offered to let me borrow it the slave cylinder i took off showed no signs of leakage As i have done only a few hundred miles i am beginning to think has air been trapped in the system as has just began to show itself?
  14. yes dox, i will roll it out later and start it and try to engage gears and see what happens dont want any incidents with the shutter door
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