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  1. That is in the right place. Unless it is lubed, the dry seal tight fit can distort. Definitely worth the new genuine parts. The torque value is really low, but I am trying to survive prague 🍻 at the moment.  Happy to check the Bentley when back, but I am sure someone will post up 1st

  2. I just put some plain Alpine ones in the mk2 golf. Same as fitted to the Corrado. Fit fine, you either need an Ebay pair of adaptor plugs for under £3 or use spade connectors. 

    All cheap and cheerful, work a treat.  I'm sure if you want the best someone will be along soon 

  3. Some people don't get on with Heritage, but they have always been good with me. I just avoid the topran branded stuff. 

    I have always got my classic parts through them , with their help and that has always been good. 

    Keyo uses someone else for classic parts that seems to work well for him

    And he's just replied as I am typing 🤣🤣

  4. 9 hours ago, oneohtwo said:

    If anyone is still following this saga it may have resolved itself... All a bit odd. Will keep monitoring it. I did find the throttle cable was a bit slack, and I have always thought the pedal was a bit unresponsive, so I tightened that up. Surprisingly easy job, there's just a clip that holds the cable in place, don't even need any tools.

    That's improved things markedly and made low speed running a lot better, just picks up straight away now. So that could have been part of the issue. I also think the rest of the odd running at low speed is down to the dashpot being knackered. At low throttle it hardly offers any damping and is slow to react, so the throttle is just snapping shut. 


    I'm still having a good read even though I can't offer any solutions. Keep trying as we eventually get things solved.  

    Then we feel good..til the next thing happens 

  5. 15 minutes ago, GrahamU said:

    Woohoo, I have entered this world of chufties,

    waiting to pull in at a junction, the van pulling out put down his window and shouted 'nice car mate'

    then when I was back home, a couple of kids walked past and said the same, plus a few double takes from other drivers 🙂



    Result 👍

  6. 1 hour ago, tonedef said:

    Parked my car at the local farm shop earlier then stood drooling over a 997 GT3 a few spaces down before I nipped in the shop. When I come out there’s a guy stood looking at the Corrado, “Love the car” he says, goes on to tell me he wanted one in the day but never had one etc etc. I get in to leave and he gets in his GT3, wish I’d realised, he might have done a straight swap!!!

    That's why we keep them 😇

  7. Welcome back mate. It seems impossible to stay away from a Corrado but at least you have a good base car. She looks a fine example and is a great colour. 

    What made you buy another one? Just curious as I'm sure we all may find ourselves in the sell.....have time and money...... then buy another Corrado 😳😂

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