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  1. Cressa

    Davina air con

    I have finally sorted the replacement Evaporator fiasco. 11 months after I had the problem !!! I will post up pictures this week of how it all looks. I did pressure test it to 7.5 bar with no leaks. The aircon guy tests the system to 10 bar, but my equipment at work doesnt go any higher... And they wouldn't test just the evaporator. The future is to put this back in the system very soon and get the front of the cat back on.. . Watch this space 🤣
  2. The pipes on the mk4 golf evaporator are the correct sizes. They just needed bending, swapping over and shortening. 4 months and 4 different workshops b4 I found a decent place that did the alloy welding correctly
  3. Welcome aboard mate. No idea about the last response !!! Always good to have a Corrado Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  4. I'm jealous mate. That engine looks great. Well done
  5. Just seeing if this picture works... my converted evaporator from a Mk4 Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  6. PM sent mate, thank you. 🙃😊
  7. That's the one. I intend on swapping out the pins, so dont need the loom. Although if it did have 6" of wiring attached I can just push these into my old pins to see if my crazy method will work. My plan is to swap out the late old abs light that is totally broken and sells for gold, for an earlier version. If it works I will post a 'how to' up on here, Let me know what I owe you for that Martin, Cheers
  8. I'll take that positiveness 😄
  9. Only worked out tonight that this is what I need. I have done a search on classic parts and it says obsolete...... hopefully it isn't and I'll give them a call tomorrow
  10. 191906231D 5 pin flat connector needed. Used at ABS light and various other places... Cheers
  11. I don't want to ruin my freshly cleaned and lubed spoiler mechanism, but do like the idea of this. Especially now I know it can be done
  12. Cheers for that. I keep looking at my spoiler wondering....... could I....
  13. The calipers do look great. Having pictures now is so much better.
  14. That is impressive. Do you know how he hid the wiring into the hatch?
  15. I saw that the other week. Certainly has all of the correct plugs on to make it easier. IIRC you need to take the centre tunnel cover out aswell as the seats, due to that being the wiring route between seats
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