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  1. Cressa

    Davina air con

    And it goes off 😄 Looks ok there dont you think 👍
  2. Cressa

    Davina air con

    I fitted the smaller ABS light 535919235B which i believe is from an earlier model. This sits next to the headlight switch where the blank was. The aircon switches I used were from a mk3 golf as they look more OE than the diavia switches
  3. Cressa

    Davina air con

    Just to update this thread. With everything changed, I even checked there was the correct amount of oil in the compressor and topped it up. When the aircon guy came, he added oil too with the gas in allowing so much for each replaced part. 2 weeks on and my Aircon is still working and incredibly cold. Colder than my Passats Interestingly the recirculating flap works like it should now. When I press the Max on button-it closes Max off and it automatically opens... it never did this before!!
  4. Ouch. I bet that took some swinging on...
  5. I made a tracing of the vinyl part that the rear spoiler rubber sits against on the tailgate. WTF 😂 !! Just need to find what the material is now..
  6. That does look good mate, well done
  7. Noooo. Why does something always have to go wrong. Especially when you just can not go out and get a part. Nice to have Corrado time though 👍
  8. Item 33 in the picture anyway
  9. Mate your car is awesome. Judging by your MOT mileage you need to get out more 😄 Be great to see a picture of your steering wheel. And I dont believe much can beat the Nothelles. Absolute unique style and quality.
  10. So confusing... I have just rang heritage and confirmed the part number as above. But like you say, that shows so the square clips on google. I will wait and see. If totally wrong I will delete the thread. I did explain that it is for the lower vent trims... watch this space 🤔
  11. I will check with Heritage today and post up. . Apologies
  12. Ok, so not the same shape but a perfect fit. (Well it is on mine) the round trim clips that hold the vents on the trim at foot level. See photo. Part number 191 857 971 and available from Classic parts for just over a pound each I hope it helps someone, as 40pounds on ebay for a couple of the fusebox clips is taking the pi##
  13. Cressa

    Just a few items...

    Ha, they do fit. I will put a thread up for people
  14. Cressa

    Just a few items...

    I have managed to order the clip for the lower vent trim. These are available separately from Classic 191 857 871. I may see if these fit the fusebox cover..
  15. Cressa

    Just a few items...

    Heritage are a NO unfortunately for the scuttle clips. Very obsolete. Shaun may just be my saviour so only needing 1 more
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