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  1. How new do you want, as I believe they are still available new from VW Classic through VW Heritage. I assume it's for a VR, so which of the 3 do you need? Welcome aboard mate, Corrado's are a passion. To be frustrated at and to put a smile on your face. Post a pic of your motor sometime 👍
  2. Have a read of this. Keyo was the last person I know that did his 👍
  3. Good luck with it mate. Pain of a job if it all has to come out... 😳
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bosch-Fuel-Injection-Accumulator-0438170039-GENUINE-5-YEAR-WARRANTY-/153027763304?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Is that the part you are unsure of?
  5. One small step for man..... Did you sort this?I'm checking the sensors for continuity (even though their new) this afternoon. If they test out okay it could be the ABS ring that is the problem. Plugging in a vagcom should tell you which wheel the problem is at. The slave cylinder should be an easy fix when you swap it out,. Just a pain having to wait then bleed it when you get it back. Was the ignition on a long time? I suppose the aux water pump was just screaming "I'M RED HOT" as it had no coolant to keep it a little cooler I am super cautious of the sunroofs..Too expensive to repair if they break. After 12 yrs I would take it all out, clean and regrease then put her back, just to be on the safe side.... I know it's a days job, but prevention is better than repair. But as it isnt that important yet I would go for the small wins in achieving any little jobs. Like the blower motor. Well done for not giving up 👌👍 Your car is a gorgeous one
  6. A clean and a straight swap mk3 golf motor made mine fresh have legs again 👍
  7. https://corradofarmparts.com/collections/sun-roof-repair Here we go Out of stock at the moment. Not cheap but what other choice is there... Everyone that has a working sunroof should remove it, strip it down, clean and re-grease as a matter of a 25yr+ service now
  8. Hopefully a nice fix. Well done in sorting this 👍
  9. Someone has remanufactured these parts recently. Who was it?
  10. Do you have a Bentley manual to assist you with the wiring diagrams. The big yellow book is the greatest investment anyone can have with a Corrado
  11. I might get the GF to put the ignition on whilst I have a listen and post up what I find
  12. Your car is looking fantastic. Let me know which side fog you need. I have a broken one somewhere that I may find in the next couple of months.,.. somewhere in the house or garage !!
  13. I'm happy to try the starting method when I get to drive the car. Wont be for months yet as it is blocked in. I am also happy to try the one way valve as it is a cheap attempt to solve the problem. Be nice to hear what even more people have done about this. All great info folks 👍🤩
  14. Oh I think 2500 for a schrick would be a bargain......!! Just going to take mine off for that money 🤯🤣🤣
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