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  1. Damn I do love the Rallye. What a project, wish my bodywork skills were better than they are
  2. Cressa


    😂😂 is there anything else your car is missing?
  3. Cressa


    SOLD, for £350. Wow, strong money
  4. Well done mate, that is very impressive. Keep pushing the boundaries. What are your plans below the climatronic?
  5. Nice looking motor too. I do like headlight washer jets, for some strange reason. !!
  6. Nice to know it's well on it's way 👍
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302343709635 One for sale 👍 or make me an offer for mine, without me feeling guilty
  8. Cressa


    There is a set on ebay at the moment got your name written all over them 😊 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324375329063
  9. New windscreen came with the clip mate, yes 👍
  10. I got mine from classic parts not too long ago. Didnt think it was a crazy price tho !!
  11. How's your progress going mate?
  12. Thank you everyone for replying and helping me in this thread journey 👍
  13. IT'S FINISHED My part of this thread is finished It's in, dry and all the trim fits. Love the windscreen more now with the green tint so definitely recommend the Saint-gobain glass. Bummer that you cant seem to buy just the straight top seal, oh well. And if you are anywhere near Nottingham, I totally recommend NOTTINGHAM WINDSCREENS as they've done a great job, did a dry run and put up with me being a pain
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