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  1. I bought them probably 3 years ago from clumpy off of the forum. 1300 was the damage.....ouch, but well worth it in the end. I have had genuine VW Recaro heated seat elements fitted to them which make them toasty really quickly. A very expensive treat for the car and me
  2. Count me in mate, I will have one if he does make some more 👍.
  3. Looking good. And expensive little bags 😁. Loving the updates
  4. The ABS light coming on has only occured whilst driving about a week after the MOT. I think the 2nd to 1st gear usually throws you forward 😆 but mine isnt noisy or dragging, it just wasnt smooth like a more modern car, but the oil change has definitely mad a huge difference. I will try your suggestion tho Dox
  5. Geeba the work on your car was an inspiration to us all. You are missed on here, as are many others
  6. Changed the dirty smelly gearbox oil for some clean MT90 and it has made a huge difference. Cheap and easy to do and well worth a change after 25 years.
  7. Chris is always good for parts. My car would be In a sad state if it was not for him. Anyway, drive time this morning with the new gearbox oil. Into 1st and still seemed slightly notchy and thinking this was a waste of time..into 2nd and smooooth, 3,4 and 5 all the same. 32 miles later and it really has transformed it. I did not believe it could make such a difference, so highly recommended .
  8. Well she had a run out tonight and the ABS light stayed off, so result, thank you everyone. I also received the 2 litres of MT90 gearbox oil and a 17mm hex key today and had the pleasure of changing out the dirty brown stinky old oil. £45 for it all so very pleased with that. I was happy with how the gears changed anyway, but a swap won't hurt. That really was an easy job
  9. Found it 🤣. The awkward part for me was removing the c-ring clip as the gap is underneath. Took it apart and I did indeed have the dry soldered joint. I tested with an ohm meter before and was at around 580ohms. The little circuit board just came away from the plug pin connections. Cleaned up and resoldered, put back together and sealed with some clear silicone. Tested again and I now had 250 ohms all the way up to 1800ohms then infinity as the plunger is pushed. Happy with that and put back in the car. Hopefully it will get a run tonight and I shall have cured the ABS light coming on whilst driving. It obviously needed doing, so a big thanks for this Top Tip 👍👍
  10. From my understanding ...... A standard speedline is ET43, so Et49 is 6mm further from the centre of the wheel to its mounting plate . But is that positive offset or negative... I hate wheels..
  11. Just sent you a message to see if you receive it
  12. I did reply 😇. 😁If no one heard back maybe there was a gliche.. Anyway, toby what can we do to help. Previously you asked for help to sort the Wiki. This is what we all really want, so how can we achieve this. That would solve a big issue for us all 👍
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