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  1. Super, as I may just try getting a new throttle position sensor. How long is that deal on for?
  2. I am doing my order today but only spending 78 pounds inc. The 12 pounds postage.If anyone wants something just shout up and I will add it on to my order.
  3. Now that is amazing. I am putting one in tomorrow, so hopefully the same 🤞
  4. What engine is yours? Usually when humming the pump is on it's way out, so now that it is silent....... And depending what model you have there is a pump underneath and in the tank You could break the fuel line connection at the engine to see you ger fuel when cranking, just be very careful Good luck
  5. It is £135, but remember that amount even includes whatever the postage mey be...
  6. As far as I am aware it is only the genuine items. I have ordered half a dozen times from them and it has always been Genuine. Still takes about 2 weeks. I just make sure my order sits under the customs tax amount
  7. Looking good, well done in persevering 🤬🤣
  8. That my friend, is one gorgeous looking motor. What a great upgrade. It looks in amazing condition and I am sure you will put your own stamp on it in someway. Have fun enjoying her. She needs a name too 😊👍
  9. It does look soooo nice new and shiny 👍
  10. Always nice to get a little further with your investigations, so well done and thanks for sharing. Sounds like it's time to uncover your alarm/immobliser. I'm going to check my battery voltage, but that sounds slightly low on the voltage scale after just switching off Good luck in having got this far 👍
  11. Is there a relay Involved somewhere in this circuit?
  12. That is bloody impressive, well done 👍
  13. Time to get in your van, drive over and smash someone face in. Get your money back or bring him back here and bury him in good old blighty 👊👊
  14. Rumour has it mate, black magic is on the way out..... I hope the VSR is going to be your coffee table Don't do it.....
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