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  1. I havent sorted mine yet, but seems a good idea
  2. Can't help you mate, but wondering if one of those carbon clean treatments would.sort it as that goes in at the front and all the crap comes out of the back. I do intend on getting the mobile guy near me to do the Corrado just to see if it is any good
  3. 😂😂 £10 of fuel..... can you remember when it was advertised per gallon, didnt look so bad then
  4. Absolutely awesome. Great to see the boundaries being pushed.
  5. 😂😂😂 I hope he washed up too. I totally agree on the price being tooo high for only one decent seat
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-golf-Corrado-G60-VR6-mk2-Recaro-Electric-Ultraviolet-Full-Interior-Seat-/324790978849?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Not mine, I just noticed it. Lovely seats but the drivers one is on its ar#e, shame really. Be nice if for someone if a replacement cover and bolsters could be found
  7. Cressa

    G60 - Wanted

    Did you get rid of the mk2 for this next project? I've always wanted a nugget yellow one as it looks so lairy , maybe one day..... Good luck with your search
  8. Sounds good. Be nice to see a write up of what you have bought. Pictures are a bonus 👍
  9. Ebay one...HOW MUCH!! 😳
  10. Glue on....snap off. Definitely worth using the proper clips. I had forgotten that they push into the grommet 14A which I believe is still available. Protects your paintwork.
  11. They ARE the scuttle trim clips. They fit below the windscreen and help secure the black plastic trim below the windscreen in place. As Bruno suggested, contact Sprinter on here and there are others that 3d print these and advertise on that dirty facebook thing 🤣.
  12. Where in the country are you? The windscreen is a pig of a job for the windscreen fitter. There are no clips on the top of the windscreen! So not 100% sure on what you need. And purchasing an encapsulated windscreen this would come with the top trim fitted. Then a separate bag comes with the side trims and seals. As Bruno says you wont get the scuttle trim clips from VW but these are only needed for fitting the lower trim. It would be a good idea to replace them all at the same time (10 I think) The wedges which are a MUST when fitting the windscreen ensure that it sits evenly and positions it correctly for the lower trim and stop it sliding down. Also ensuring it is the correct height at the top to seal. My 1st fitter didnt use my wedges and totally messed up the fitting which meant it had to come out again. If you could....... •Have the windscreen removed one day •Repaint the damage they cause when the old one is cut out/ deal with any rust you find •Let it all fully dry/ cure properly •Then a few days later get the windscreen put in USING WEDGES None if the above is ideal, but if you love your Corrado then you will be glad you did it this way. I do have a trim set somewhere if you are desperate, but not the top top seal. No scuttle trim clips though. Good luck 👍
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