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  1. That does look a great example. Well done with getting that beauty. What bodykit does it have? I think Corrados should have left the factory with sideskirts. Your car does sit well and look great with the wheels. Although they could be a pain to keep clean! Someone has clearly spent a lot of time and money with that car and interior, so I wish you all the best in enjoying it 👍👍
  2. What coating did you have the slam panel painted with?
  3. Sounds like you may have sorted it. I never changed this in solving my issue, but hopefully this will help someone. 👍
  4. Did you sort this?
  5. Well done in finally sorting it 👍🤞
  6. Cressa

    VR6 Resto Project

    A project is a project, so well done in saving her and goodluck with the future. It will be a great learning curve with highs and lows. The forum may not be as busy as it was years ago but people still drop in. Advice and helpful knowledge is free. Yes, your car looks on its ar#e but take it on as an area at a time. What you have done so far looks good so keep it up. Spend some money on lots of wire brush attachments for a drill or angle grinder and make it have it..... Bare metal always looks better and you can see what you are up against. Then choose to primer it for protection before the welder gets to it, or if it scrubs up okay, get some bilt hamber on it. GOOD LUCK and dont add up all the receipts you will collect 🤣
  7. I think it is self explanatory when you get to the old one. Like Matt I took mine out and repaired it a few years ago so not the best memory either. It's in an awkward position, but was an easy fix just by soldering the old one. Nice to have new though 👌
  8. Chris, your attention to detail, patience and capability in getting to this standard is fantastic. I am in awe and enjoy seeing this standard of workmanship. Keep it up mate, absolutely fantastic 👍
  9. Just to add to the cam sensor idea, it may be the solution. I had changed my pump and one way valve, yet the car was still SORN so I was only warming it up running in the garage. After this I had an issue with fumes from the back of the engine and the little rectangular box went BOOM. I changed my Cam sensor and the coil pack which got it running fine again. Now on the road it has no issues. So one of those things solved my issue. Good luck with it, you will sort it 👍
  10. It's always nice to get a big Corrado present 🎁
  11. Definitely needs a wash 😂
  12. Getting close, so well done. And change the brakes later, just get it out and enjoy it. It owes you 👌
  13. Absolute engine Porn. Looks amazing 👏
  14. The dash OUT job has to be one of the most rewarding. You can get to sort all sorts of old issues out. Looks great 👍. I think I even silicone lubed my heater cables and sorted the jumping Cog on the heater controls. It's nice to know you won't be having anymore old pieces of sponge flying out of the vents
  15. I have to agree in thinking half a bar in 30 mins is excessive. Jump in and do the one way valve. I did the valve the same time that I changed the pump, so can't be 100% sure which cured my warm start issue. But it's gone. Nice to know the correct fuel pressures you are getting otherwise you are working blind. I found that with the kjetronic on the mk2 golf. What does the Bentley say about the pressures? Or maybe someone has a VW technical sheet squirreled away with this info on.
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