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  1. Not the best of pictures... and mine may be wrong !! But they hold it al togethet
  2. Cressa

    Wing mirrors

    Okay, so looking at Bentley Black and Blue wires move a motor. And reversing polarity makes it go back. Both mirrors work doing that šŸ‘ There is continuity through the wires to both heating element wires What is the mirror magnetic clutch? Brown cable and white cable. When I put voltage their it clicks and reversing polarity it clicks. Unfortunately I dont have a door card off to put it to the switch
  3. Cressa

    Wing mirrors

    Got them over 3 years ago and were working then. I shall rig a 12v supply up and test them today šŸ‘
  4. I have a pair of wing mirrors that are undamaged and collecting dust. Cheap enough to then get refurbished and swop yours over, or keep as spares. To gather dust in your garage šŸ¤Ŗ Ā£20 each. Postage can be arranged
  5. Would have to be teeny tiny so I don't see it
  6. Result, a great attitude is always best for your business and they will come back looking Mint
  7. Had the toad AI606T2 alarm fitted this week so back to a proper alarmed and immobilized vehicle. With working closure from it. It's been a pain and maybe I wish I had saved the money and done it all myself.... we Corrado owners are very precious about our cars, so I have altered some wiring and made sure I put all of the trims back. Just need to decide how to have the sensors fixed as I did not want a screw going in anywhere. Hmmm sticky tape time. All I need now is my leg to be better so that I can get out and try it šŸš˜šŸ˜
  8. I took mine apart and blocked the bleed and hose off with bolts. I think I removed the piston dust seal and took it my local powder coater. Popped the piston out after or maybe the powder coater did!!!
  9. I have some standard VW 15" 5 spoke speedlines for sale. 4 are for sale but you can choose from the 5 I have. They will need refurbishing and are cheap. You can buy 1,2,3 or all 4. No longer required as I picked up a set with tyres at a good price. Ā£20 each, got to be a good price. NO CENTRE CAPS....They didnt come with any Somewhere I must have 2 unused 205 x 50 x 15 tyres, Yokohama I believe but will try and dig them out if someone is interested. Ā£20 each?? If you need more info or pictures just ask. I am at j31 M1, but work at j26 M1 if that helps moving things around
  10. Yes. Door card off time... unplug the motor and test that you have voltage at this plug when using the switch. Rules out everything up to the motor. Then look to see if it is stuck. It's amazing what a clean and some silicone can do in the tracks and runners Hopefully it is that simple !!
  11. Even its MOT history is great. Only ever failed once on a ball joint. Well looked after
  12. I didn't realise it is so close to me as I am at S26.... oo might be worth a look šŸ˜‡ C'mon brandy, dont miss this one šŸ‘
  13. What's your thoughts on the car Dox?
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