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  1. Be nice to have a mk3 golf at the side to compare fixings
  2. That's a better price to start with. Having a ramp would be handy in doing this. Nice idea though
  3. Yes mate, brilliant thank you
  4. You now you have issues when you use a laser level to line up the rear VW badge and aerial, just so you can fit a repro dealer sticker in the middle of the glass
  5. Does anyone know the distance from the bottom of the "Corrado" script badge to the top of the "VR6" badge below it. Also do they line up at the end or is the vr6 sat back a little? I'm trying to get this right
  6. Cant believe I wrote that title 😂 anyway, On the scuttle trim area there is a small hole next to the wiper that is not for the trim clips, so what goes in here? See picture..... if nothing I will put silicone to blank it off. Any answers welcome to this one !!
  7. Hmmm, I am just fitting the new ones I had from Classic. I wondered if there would be a joining strip, but nothing. And they are about 4cm too long, c'mon Volkswagen I expect better at that price
  8. Just a quick one, where does the seal on the bodywork join, the ones that go all around the door area. The big one. The long one. The one that pushes onto the a-post, roof, b-post and floor. That one Thanks 😁
  9. I did like the William's Clio of that era, but thought it was French so would never buy one 😂
  10. Finally took the plunge in putting a coating on top of the paint work whilst it still looks good. I chose Gtechnic products . CSL and Evo4 and spent the day cleaning, degreasing, applying, wiping, buffing x2. Long day.. The icing on the cake was fitting the Vw roof trims that were remade. I've had them since Heritage could get this part and as they are genuine, the fit was perfect. Took 5 mins each side at a vast cost. And I fitted the side repeaters. Small steps but all in the right direction. Day off tomorrow so I may fit the side mouldings and look what condition the outer door window seals are like... I feel I am putting off getting the windscreen fitted, hmmmm
  11. Cressa

    More needed items

    Hopefully sorted with lilfuzzer on the door card trim. Just the damned switch now
  12. Cressa

    More needed items

    These silver shiny clips
  13. Worth a try doc. I will pop it open tomorrow and see what it says
  14. Cheers Keyo, but I had tried that guy. Advertised but does not have any. Thanks tho mate
  15. There is also a double contact version ending in D. This has the screw hole at the bottom and the pins pointing upwards. The A version has the pins pointing downwards but is fine if your wires are long enough
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