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  1. Hi all, I’ve got a full set of febi top mounts and bushes brand new in the packets if anyone is interested £20
  2. co88ado

    Bmc cda

    Hi mate, it’s still for sale.
  3. co88ado

    Bmc cda

    Hi mate, yeah ive still got it.
  4. co88ado

    Bmc cda

    i’ve got a BMC CDA for sale if anyone is interested. It was only on the car for 500 miles if that, paid £225 from stealth a few months ago with the extra bit of hose and support bracket. I will take £150 posted as it is pretty much brand new. Cheers.
  5. co88ado

    Bmc cda for sale

    Bought it from stealth a few months ago for £225 only had 500 miles use, comes with extra hose and metal bracket. Only selling as I have sold the rado. Send me your offer, cheers Jay.
  6. Great! Culshaw just to make sure of fitment can you tell me the length and diameter as I already have a Jetex catback fitted.
  7. Hi all, I’m looking for a decat pipe for my c does anybody have one for sale?
  8. co88ado

    Bmc cda

    Hi all! Anyone out there got a bmc cda intake for a VR6 for sale?
  9. Cheers pal, it is a lovely motor.
  10. Yes mate I bought it off Jay, only selling as I need a new family car so selling both of my cars.
  11. Yeah that’s mine, click on the link above.
  12. I’ve got one on eBay at the moment with 116k on the clock if your interested?
  13. Hi Jared, I’ve got a black one on a 95 plate with 116k on the clock if your interested, it’s on eBay at the moment.
  14. I did buy it in the end! I got over the fact it's a cat c. This is my 1st Corrado and not a bad starting point, can't take the smile off my face!!😊
  15. Like I said my head ruled my heart and I'm glad because sooner or later the right one will come along. Everyone knows what it's like when your there with the car you want "YOU WANT IT" but I know I would have regretted buying it. Good look to whoever has purchased it.
  16. I test drove this 3 weeks ago and it does pull like a train! The bodywork looks fantastic and it sounds awesome! However there is a cracked headlamp, a cracked indicator lense, the sunroof doesn't slide and the throttle is really stiff. After driving it I wanted it but my head ruled my heart in the end and realising how much I would have to put into it with parts that are scarce wasn't worth the price with it being a cat C £3000 then defo YES!
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