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  1. The box ecu I believe is grey on mine
  2. Yeh I have the ecu and the chip by done by Vince for fitting too :) Only if you send me your car with it fitted on it afterwards :) The ecu is a grey or should it be in a black box
  3. Yeh good show you would regret it and it’s a really nice one you have too. Did you have much interest or was it just timewasters
  4. How had is it to fit a vsr manifold?
  5. yip and with what I have now spent far exceeds the price of yours so yours would have been good. Mines now has recaros, vdo, full rebuild and now a VSR :) but would have happily had yours could have saved me a lot of cash :)
  6. Real same but it does look like a stunning car, if I hadn’t just bought one and been spending a fortune over the last year would have considered it
  7. Never had any reply from them sadly
  8. Hi I have a spare sent of door cards from and rear with black cloth, taking up room in garage some nicks and issues but better than a lot I have seen £100 Thanks Ross
  9. Cool thanks will send them a message
  10. Looking for a Corrado Air Con System for my 1994 Corrado happy for one taken out a car or a complete new system of someone has one, unlikely but worth a try.
  11. Think you’ll be looking at £2500 too or buying a full car with one fitted
  12. Anyone recommend an insurance company for the Corrado that is good. Hopefully never need it but.
  13. Cool I got the air intake, rocker cover, timing chain covers etc plus engine mounts, powder coated but they still looked rough, so who lot went to mike the polished, who is mirror polishing them then painting them silver, so car will be usable but still good, will do that with loads of bits in the engine bay and get everything powder coated underneath in time too.
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