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  1. Dox they worked a treat! Removed the pipes this morning after a little persuasion. Just need to get a decent bit of pipe now and put it back together. Thanks again!
  2. You lovely human being! I was looking at a set of these on eBay but they were soo much more expensive than the set you just sent me. Thanks Dox!...now to glue the tips of my fingers back on
  3. Hey! Thanks for all the posts above, really helped me so far -bypassing the heater matrix as a temp fix but these clips! arghhh - does anyone know an easier way to remove them, they're in such an awkward position and rock solid...
  4. Hey, this sold last week - Ive updated the title. Thanks! Tamz
  5. Hey! I have a set of RONAL Turbo's for sale powder coated in Gun Metal Grey with/or without a set of nearly new GoodYear Efficient Grip tyres that have only done 150 odd miles so PLENTY of tread. One rim does have some curb damage that has been there since I bought the car and they have never caused any issues with loss of air, balancing or ride etc... It's purely cosmetic. >>Contacted City Powder Coaters in Birmingham who quoted £25 to repair the wheel if you wished after purchase Wheels and tyres £350 Wheels only £275 >>Open to sensible offers Thanks! [ATTACH=CONFIG]93952[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]93955[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]93958[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]93961[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]93964[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]93967[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]93973[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]93976[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]93970[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]93979[/ATTACH]
  6. Hey! Bought this about two years ago, tidy upgraded wiring loom for C headlights made by Rayne Automotive and never fitted. Comes with fitting instructions and by reading through them it will be plug and play. [ATTACH=CONFIG]93682[/ATTACH] £25 happy to post for £30. Thanks Tamz
  7. Hey all, I've been scouting the forum for a while but only recently have I had the opportunity to start enjoying my 92' G60. Been off work this week fixing odd bits and making her look like she should but this afternoon we had a fight with a tow-bar :bonk: :pale: [ATTACH=CONFIG]93673[/ATTACH] Anyway, trying to look at the positive side as the bumper and bonnet needed a respray anyway, still hurts though... She has a few mods but I have tried to keep her looking and feeling as standard as possible, I'm lucky enough to have a C with factory fitted leather recaros.. Decat & Jetex stainless steel exhaust Stage 2 charger by OCD, 64mm pulley and stage 2 chip Early 7 slatted grill Blacked inner headlights Unknown coilovers - soon to be changed to either Weitec, KW-V1's or BC coilovers (now after the front end is repaired) [ATTACH=CONFIG]93676[/ATTACH]. [ATTACH=CONFIG]93670[/ATTACH] Not seen any C's around yet apart from what I believed was a Blue valver in Milton Keynes, Bletchley. Thanks for stopping by!..
  8. Spotted black C heading up the bypass from Plymouth towards Liskeard (Cornwall) the Sunday just gone..
  9. Green VR driving through Florence Wrag Way Oadby - my younger brother gave you a wave?.. Standard clean looking car Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  10. Blue possibly VR in Aylesbury passing the college.. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  11. Unless you're on about the front mounted ones... Which in that case, they're rare Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  12. These are still available from VW Heritage at a good price. I just bought a genuine set Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  13. 28, Ive had my girl since I was 25 and she's not going anywhere Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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