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  1. It's funny you mention this - I've dismantled my headlamps - reflector fine on one side, dull on the other, so need it remetallised. Re: the adjuster, I was thinking it was me being ham fisted when the plastics started to snap, but @easypops advised me otherwise. Anyway - I'm on half a mind seeing if I can get one 3D printed. Got a friend who is good with CAD and could model it and see how it turns out on a printer...
  2. My Corrado has been parked up for nearly two years, passenger floor pan and jacking point is shot. Found some inspiration over Christmas and decided to get it mechanically sorted which would force me to get it welded. Stripped the front down, sorted the wiring, fixed some corroded connections, cleaned the engine up. Need a new alternator and radiator but other than that, getting ready to out it back together. Did the front brakes a few weeks ago, so will focus on the back next. Shame I can't post pics!
  3. I've successfully avoided paying it for the 14 years I've had a my own place. Despite bi-monthly letters threatening to take me to court and setting dates etc I've still never actually been summonsed. I look forward my day in court - it's on my bucket list. 'The accused has not paid a TV license for 14 years m'lud' ' And do you have any defense?' 'Yes m'lud - I've never owned or had a TV on my property in any of these years. Or had one anywhere I've lived since I was 7 m'lud'.
  4. We're nearing completion of our house build - we had permission for an underground garage and have made a start although might not finish until Spring. The internals are 10500 long and 6500 wide, so hopefully room for 4 cars and plenty room at the sides for workbenches etc.. I would have preferred it a bit longer, say 11500 but was going to mean gouging out a lot of hillside. This is a pic of progress so far. I've gone for the widest door I can (4750) which will be sectional but with a pedestrian door built in. I don't think there will be any natural light in the garage as the roof will be pretty much car park spec and will be able to park on top of it if needed.
  5. Pity my new garage won't be ready for a good few months (still got to finish the house first) - this is the type of Corrado I want in it! It really is stunning and my type of 'Rado. My old girl needs retired for some surgery eventually.
  6. He was great - the funniest bits were going under over bridges - he actually ducked(no pun intended)! And when going round corners, he leaned his neck into them which amused me greatly.
  7. :( You shouldn't sell until you have a VR6, then decide :)
  8. You're well informed sir! :)
  9. hi all, We're building a house down near Largs on the Clyde Coast. In the last month alone I've spotted a 16v, 2 G60s and a VR6 in or near the town - anyone from on here? One of the g0s looked pretty much standard and was stunning. Actually spoke to a chap (Olly?!) the other night to find out where he was from so if he's on here - twas me! Cheers, Jamie
  10. 33 and had Corrado for around 13 years I think (10 for the current one).
  11. It's a fair point @Jim - the lacquer is peeling from the front wings suggesting they had been painted before. Gee aid there is no lacquer coat on the rest of the car, it's part of the paint. Sorry I don't know the technical terms but yes, odd!
  12. He did tell me but I forgot! I'll find out and let you know. I know he's been on to the distributor to find out what sort of UV properties it has as we're worried about fade. He posted a pic on his facebook page this morning - wee plug for the forum! It's amazing how much interest it has generated on his facebook page - far more than Porsches or the like :)
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