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  1. mic_VR

    Anti fog products

    If it clears fine once up to temp I’d be tempted to grab a couple of de-humidity bags and leave them in the car. I leave one on the dash (make sure it’s on a cloth so it doesn’t mark) and it works wonders.
  2. Welcome! The restrictions are there to stop people posting to the for sale section. If you just want to start a thread about your car your able to from the start.
  3. “I’ve just been out for a drive in the ‘rado and it’s running perfectly”
  4. Good work mate, you'll sort it i'm sure of that
  5. Hi Rob I'd be very interested in a set of protectors. Could you also send me prices of the bits you have? Cheers
  6. It's an interesting discussion, one that the CCGB committee have had numerous times without a huge amount of success. Personally, I feel there are a couple of key changes that have happened. Firstly, a lot of the main guys who would regularely update projects or do major mods to their cars have simply moved on to other things. Leaving people (myself included) who don't really do things that often but instead do a couple of jobs on the car a year. This means the constant tick over of information on the forum slows down/stops so people stop visiting as often. Secondly, there isn't the banter and off topic threads like there used to be. Whether that is because people don't know each other as well as we used to or that you can get that from facebook now I'm unsure. Some of the real forum characters no longer visit that often either. Thirdly, The number of cars have diminished. The reality is there has been a drop in the number of rado's still on the road, and those that are tend to now be weekend cars rather than daily drivers needing constant maintenance etc. I'm not sure what the answer is either. More Ham & Cheese? Be interesting to hear people's thoughts on the matter
  7. I personally much prefer Facebook. Only kidding! :lol: Forum is far better in my opinion. Unfortunately it is very slow these days, I only usually log in once a week now to catch up on the various threads. It would be awesome if the forum became active again, the ability to build a thread of the progress and jobs on your own car which you definitely can't do in any coherent manner. I'm looking forward to the day when Facebook isn't a thing anymore. It's useful for organising events and keeping in touch with people but generally it's too full of advertising, people adding you as a friend when you've met them once, and ****ing meme's!
  8. There's always one.... :lol: Jim, If P3rks doesn't want that sports cat let me know as I could be very interested.
  9. Looking fantastic. Haven't been on the forum in ages but love coming on a seeing folks still working on their cars. Well done mate
  10. Geez! Sounds like you've done the right thing getting away from new cars. Welcome back to the fold :thumbleft: I have a '67 plate Golf and that had to go back for a leaking door seal and malfunctioning radio within a few weaks. Currently I'm sure there's an issue with fueling as it seems really hesitant and runs rough on part throttle. The dealer had it for 2 days but no issue apparently. Thankfully it's not so bad that it needs to go back, maybe it's just me being overly sensitive. Look forward to seeing more images of the new steed.
  11. Don’t think I can top that but I’ve had a few painful injuries over the year. The two worst I’ve had are a dislocated knee, which meant a lot of morphine and a year of physio to recover, and a dislocated jaw after falling off a rail on my snowboard and smashing my face onto a metal bar. I’ve also fractured an ankle (snowboarding), broken a finger, a toe and had a series of concussions.
  12. Saw this earlier, awful news. Seemed like great, knowledgable guy who produced some great mods. RIP.
  13. I will definitely be heading to this again. I'll even try to be there on time this year! :lol:
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