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  1. Thanks guys. I'm dependent on my mechanic! He tells me I need a new pump. I assume he has been through the other possible problems. I will relay all this to him....
  2. Does anyone know if the pumps 35761411 and 358614217 are interchangeable?
  3. One (used) on eBay with that part number
  4. Also in need of one... Seen the thread below. Let me know if you have anything suitable. Fault code indicated issue with inlet valve. Thanks.
  5. Looking for the driver's side Window Motor & Regulator. Please send PM if you have one available. Many thanks, Clive
  6. Watched last night. We all know it's a fantastic car, but nevertheless inspiring and good press for the Corrado! And if anyone knows of a full leather interior in that condition for £450 please let me know :-)
  7. Already spoken for, but will bear you in mind if it falls through. Regards, Clive
  8. Will have to check on VDO and Pat 998VAG 155. Spoiler not deep but already promised. Aerial itself OK but rubber seal underneath perished. PM if interested in pursuing. Regards, Clive
  9. Yes. Please PM and provide email address and I will send photo. Regards, Clive
  10. I think they are Ok. PM if interested. Regards, Clive
  11. Yes still available. PM if interested. Regards, Clive
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