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  1. Cheers guys, I see what you are saying. The company hasn't asked whether I'd go limited or via an umbrella company as it happens. I'll see what they say tomorrow, its still a developing situation. Thanks Again :-)
  2. I'm having some 'issues' at work, I am trying to convert from permanent employee to sub-contractor. The company are supposedly behind it however they are saying that is in UK Employment Law that I would need to stay away from the company for 6 weeks whilst the process takes place. I am suspicious that they are trying to pull a fast one? Being away for that time will seriously affect my situation on the project I work on. Anyone have any ideas, does this sound right? Any advice massively appreciated!
  3. There is a loose one down that way as standard, I think possibly its yellow and black from memory. Do a search on here there's loads about it, if its the one its normal!
  4. My colleague ordered a 64 GB iPad 3 today. £550 I could be wrong but isn't your price a little steep?
  5. andy

    Spring top caps.

    You can have them for a fiver posted?
  6. I'll double check Chris. ---------- Post added at 1:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:38 PM ---------- Hi Chris, I can't find a paint code on the green one, I've taken some pics, you may be able to tell from that. The paint has a sparkle to it in todays bright sunshine. There is the odd mark , ie surface scratch, nothing through to the metal or anything, just that it isn't perfect. If you need a really good one this isn't it. If you want a pretty good one, this could be. Have you got an email address I can send some pics through to?
  7. andy

    Spring top caps.

    Any interest before they go in the bin? :-p
  8. Any interest before I scrap it? :-0
  9. andy

    Bentley Manual

    You have a PM coming.
  10. Bumpage, these will be scrapped on the weekend unless someone wants them!
  11. andy

    Bentley Manual

    Just checked, it says G60 included on the front cover.
  12. Two rear black mats, very good condition (like new) exept one of them has a tiny mark, could be a burn. It really doesn't stand out and they would do a perfect job of protecting any rear carpet. I think they are genuine VW, they look the same as the ones I drove round with for 7 years that wore really well. Far to good to throw out! £10 delivered, Uk Mainland
  13. Pair of storm grey, (paint and lacquer), rattle cans, genuine VW. They have been used but literally only tested on a matchbox sized bit of body, they are effectively as new. They have plenty of paint and pressure. £8 delivered, UK mainland.
  14. I have two sunroof outer panels going spare, one is a dark red colour and the other is dark green, will check the exact colour codes if anyone is interested in them for an exact match. Perfect for spraying up as a spare if yours has the dreaded scratch marks from a knackered mechanism in earlier life. They are generally in very good order, one has a seal one doesn't, happy for the seal to go with either. £20 each, delivery at extra cost if required, they are obviously not light!
  15. Sorry I missed this post, yes I still have them, came from a 94 VR6 so yes they will fit.
  16. No word from Stormwarning after 2 pms? richieD you have a PM
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