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  1. The same annual price as CCGB membership but without the events/sprinter/Christmas cards? The only benefit of membership seems to be being able to post (and therefore contribute) to the forum. Considering over the past few years I’ve only posted a handful of times this doesn’t seem to be the most effective way to engage people. If you shared the actual losses you’d made over the past few years I’m certain you’d have more people willing to donate, but to state ‘my time isn’t free’ as a reason for the forum not to be free to post on when so many alternatives are out there doesn’t create the same level of generosity, from me at least. It’s your forum, do what you like with it, but it seems to have been run into the ground and now the expense of getting it going again is falling at the feet of those that have contributed the most.
  2. Did you miss this Anna or choose to ignore it? I won't be using Heritage now either if you're working with Spoonfed.
  3. The owner is racist scum and banned from the forum. I wouldn’t fit his parts to my car if they were free. http://www.the-corrado.net/showthread.php?80034-Dogger-Spoonfed-tuning-UTTERLY-HORRID-SERVICE&p=960851&styleid=14
  4. FB is only full of people posting photos of their dinner etc if that’s what you choose to follow! It’s very easy to unfollow someone but remain friends if their content isn’t interesting. I barely see anything other than posts from various car groups.
  5. The owner of spoonfed is banned from here for racist comments towards a forum member. Not a penny of my money would support any of his products.
  6. After selling on my Storm to Monkey, I'm left with a rather unique interior. THIS THREAD should give you some information about the work that went into this, however photos are now down. Doug had designed and built the interior to fit completely on factory fittings. The airbox has been modified to run a full climate control system, but compressor etc is not included. I fear i'm likely to end up removing standard parts and sellign them seperatly, but someone out there may fancy taking this on and finishing it off. If someone's ready to take it on, I have spare leather etc for finishing. Price wise, I could sell the standard parts for £100 and still be left with leather door cards. If someone wants the lot for £150, come and get it. I'm based in Bristol and need it gone asap. It's in a garge which leaks so the sooner its out the better for anyone taking it on! Cheers Baz
  7. Welcome! Where in Bristol are you?
  8. If the timing wasn't the worst in the world this would compliment my Classic Green R32 storm project perfectly! GLWS
  9. There's a blast from the past? How's things bud?
  10. There's a huge amount of irony in this though, forums were really the first place (this one especially) where it became the norm to have 'friends' you'd never met. I'd talk at work etc about the car my 'mate' is building without a second thought that I don't even know what they look like! Social media has become the progression of this. My wife meets up with 'the I nstamums' which I find weird, until I remember the days of travelling around Europe to car shows with people I know from the internet.
  11. If they're 6.5" all round you want the same tyre sizes front and back! Only worth going up to a 205 if the rears are 7" plus..
  12. As long as they're a 195/45 they'll be fine. 205/45 might give you some issues, but I've run 195/45s many times with no issue.
  13. Sorry mate, busy day! Saw you were still looking for answers and gave short version of correct one! Info still stands though, you really need 195/40s..
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